Alzheimer's Association (Global)

Founded By Jerome H. Stone

What Alzheimer's Association Has Done to Help the Community

They help by donating money from doing fun events and give that money to the people with Alzheimer's disease. And they try to figure out how to cure the disease by giving money for research.

Alzheimer's Association Commercial- Alan

How did they help?

They help many, many, many people with the disease. It makes the people with the disease feel way better when people donate money for them.

About The Founder

The founders name is Jerome H. Stone. He started this foundation (Alzheimer's Association) in 1980. He started this foundation because he wanted the disease to stop spreading and starting. So he make this foundation to help the people with this terrible disease. It's helped all over the world.

What Can I Do?

I've thought about it and I want to do something to help animals. So I think I could go to a animal shelter and write down the animal and the price. Then me and my mom or dad could go around the neighborhood and try to sell the animals to nice homes. And if they weren't selling I could ask the animal shelter to lower the price. Then go back around and try to sell them again.

I could go look around for stray animals and bring them to the animal shelter.

I could make a website to help save animals if they are sick . Or try to sell homeless animals to very nice homes.

All About Me

My name is Olivia. I chose this organization because me, my g-ma, and my mom do the Walk-To-The End. Which is a activity for everyone to walk or run on a trail by the new zoo. It raises money to help research. And i'm 10 years old. I have 1 sister named Peyton. I love to swim and hang out with my BFF Toni.