Washington Elementary

April 1st

Important Notice

Due to the number of weather closures so far this winter Mankato Area Public Schools will have the following calendar adjustments. Regularly scheduled late starts on March 12, April 9, and May 14 will become full school days and April 22 will change from a non-student day to a full day for all students. These additional hours of instruction will support students in their continued learning.

Being Proactive is the Best Preparation for Testing

The following ideas may help your child have a strong test day:

  • Get plenty of sleep 8-10 hours (not only the night before the test)

  • Daily exercise

  • Eat a balanced diet

  • Eat a good breakfast the morning before the test

  • Showering and dressing for success the morning before the test (builds confidence)

  • Positive conversations about doing their best on daily work, tests, engagement and focus during the school day

  • Encouraging your child to ask clarifying questions during class discussion

NWEA Testing Purpose and Dates, April - May 2019

Dear parents/guardians and students:

Our students will be participating in the District 77 sponsored NWEA assessment in reading in math for grades K-5 beginning in April and ending in mid-May. Each grade will take a reading and math assessment. See information below for details about purpose of the assessment and the approximate dates each grade level with test.

NWEA Reading Assessment Schedule:

Kindergarten-5/1, 5/3, 5/6-5/9

1st Grade: 5/1-5/3, 5/6

2nd Grade: 4/3, 4/4

3rd Grade: 3/05-3/07

4th Grade- ⅗,3/6

5th Grade-3/11,3/14, 3/15

NWEA Math Assessment Schedule:

Kindergarten: 5/9, 5/10, 5/13, 5/15

1st Grade: 5/7, 5/9, 5/15, 5/16

2nd Grade: 4/10, 4/11

3rd Grade- 3/14, 3/15

4th Grade- 3/13, 3/14

5th Grade: 3/04-3/06

Understanding the North West Evaluation (NWEA)

What is the North West Evaluation (NWEA) assessment?

The NWEA Test engages students, parents and teachers in the use of data to inform student learning. NWEA results will help teachers plan for classroom instruction, small group instruction and additional time and support for enrichment and intervention

How is this test different from other tests students take?

Unlike the state mandated standardized test, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), the NWEA test is intended to:

  1. provide immediate feedback to students, parents and teachers

  2. establish student learning level, indicated by a RIT score

  3. demonstrate growth in student learning overtime.

What is the purpose of this assessment?

The purpose of the test is to measure your child's progress and chart growth over time in areas of reading and math. Teachers use the results to set goals with students using the RIT score.

Which tests are given?

K-5: Spring (math and reading) for all students

K-5: Winter NWEA reading and math is an option for grade levels. Information is used formatively to check on learning progress, inform instructional groups and serves as a predictor for where students are related to proficiency targets for the MCA assessment in administered in grades 3-5.

How long does the assessment take to complete?

Typically students take between 25-40 minutes to complete each assessment.

How do I interpret the results using the RIT score?

  1. The RIT score gives us a way to monitor students' progress over time. The score is independent of the age or grade of the student, but reflects the instructional level at which the student is currently performing.

  1. The RIT scale is an equal interval scale much like feet and inches on a yard stick. It is used to chart your student's academic growth from fall to spring and year to year. A RIT score tells you where on the scale your child is performing.

  1. You will be able to determine your progress in comparison to other students in District 77 and the norm group of over 1.5 million students in the United States and Canada.

When will I be able to determine growth in student learning over time?

The results from the spring test will provide you with the opportunity to see growth in student learning from the spring to spring in the areas of reading and math.

MCA Testing Updates and Calendar, Grades 3-5, April - May 2019

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) and alternate assessment Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and also meet federal and state legislative requirements. Students take one test in each subject. Most students take the MCA, but students who receive special education services and meet eligibility requirements may take the alternate assessment MTAS instead.

The list below shows tests by subject and the grades they are given.

Ø Reading: MCA or MTAS (grades 3-8, 10)

Ø Mathematics: MCA or MTAS (grades 3-8, 11)

Ø Science: MCA or MTAS (grades 5, 8, and once in high school)

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) is an assessment administered to all 3rd 4th and 5th grade students in the areas of reading and math. Additionally, 5th grade will take a science assessment.

The schedule for Washington Elementary is as follows:

MCA Reading:

3rd Grade: 4/8, 4/10, 4/11, 4/15

4th Grade: 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

5th Grade: 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26, 4/29, 4/30

MCA Math:

3rd Grade: 4/16, 4/17, 4/18 & 4/23

4th Grade: 4/23, 4/24, 4/25

5th Grade: 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, ⅘, 4/8 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/15

Click here to access a resource that students use to practice reading and math skills.

Important Dates..

April 2- Excel Starts Again

April 8-PTO Meeting in Media Center 6:30pm

April 9- Full day of School, NO late Start

April 10-16- Music Informances

April 11- Kindergarten Round up

April 19- No School

April 26- Kindergarten Earth Day 9:30-11:30am

April 27- Regional Science Fair at MSU

May 3- 5th Grade Math Master

May 13-PTO Meeting in Media Center 6:30pm

May 14- Full day of School, NO late Start

May 17-4th Grade Trip to Farm America

May 21-5th Grade Trip to Franklin


May 31- Kindergarten Picnic

May 31- Wildcat Walkathon & Family Picnic 1:30pm-7:30pm

June 5- Last day of School.