Fall into ... Autumn!

30-Day Group Nutritional Cleanse

Starts Monday, September 8th, 2014

Fall into ... Autumn! We don't mean trip and stumble. We mean BUNGIE JUMP into Autumn!! Feel the ENERGY and VITALITY that comes from doing a 30-day nutritional cleanse. If you have been on the fence (or bridge), now is the time to take the plunge. You will be completing this 30-day challenge with so many others, including the leaders of Team Own Your Life. We will all support and encourage each other and have a ton of FUN doing it! It's time to leave behind the summer BBQ binges and prepare youself for the busy days of fall. There is no better way to do it: Leaner, fitter, healthier, focuser (oh wait, that's not a word), greater focus! Holy Crap! What are you waiting for???!!

There are some requirements (of course!), but they're not so bad...

  1. Like our Team Own Your Life Facebook Fan Page at: https://m.facebook.com/TeamOwnYourLife
  2. Contact us via messenger on the Fan Page, or select a Team Leader and email them directly. We will enter you into our closed 'Fall into Autumn Group Cleanse' on Facebook and order your products for you - amazing super food delivered right to your door within 2-4 days!
  3. Take a 'selfie' when your Isagenix shipment arrives. We would LOVE to see you with the box. WHY? It's the START to an amazing health journey and we can't wait to be on it with you. Oh! And there will be prizes for the selfie the Team loves the most. So get creative!! Yes. That's a challenge, but please, be safe!! Can't wait to see them! Stay tuned for our 'selfies' when our shipment arrives :)