Sequoia Middle Weekly Update

Friday, May 15th, 2020

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Sequoia Families,

I hope everyone had a great week of "Distance Learning" and are looking forward to a nice weekend with family. We are counting down the days and the focus of this weeks update will be on closing up the 2019-2020 school year. We know that parents, teachers and students are all ready for a nice summer break after completing our "Distance Learning" journey.

The calendar below is a guide for students as they finish out the year. Since textbooks will be collected the week of May 26th, there will be no new assignments given after this upcoming week. Teachers will also be communicating the same timeline to students.

Student Calendar:

  • Week of May 18th - Last week for teachers to assign new assignments/new material
  • Week of May 26th - Catch-up week for any late or missing assignments.
  • Monday, June 1st - All assignments must be submitted by 11 pm to receive credit.

Student Materials Turn-in:

It is time to collect textbooks, library books and chromebooks from students. Additionally, 8th grade band students who have school issued instruments will need to return them as well. We will also have refunds for students who prepaid for field trips or other supplies.

Unfortunately the Sequoia yearbook will not be arriving until late June. We will work to hand that out as soon as we can.

In order to stay in compliance with the Contra Costa County Health office, it is imperative that we follow the turn-in schedule (Pictured Above). We are only allowed to have a certain number of people on campus at a time. If you can not make your scheduled time, please come on Friday, May 29th.

Families will stay in their cars and hand school materials to school staff through the car window. All staff collecting materials will be wearing masks and gloves. If a family has students in multiple grades, you only need to make one trip to school to drop-off materials.

Drop-Off Procedures

Cars will enter into the Sequoia Middle School Main Parking lot from Boyd Road and move through the following drop-off stations:

Station 1: Turn in Sequoia Chromebook (Only if you have checked one out)

Please have chromebook and power cord ready to hand to staff.

Station 2: Turn in School Textbooks and Library Books

  • 8th Grade Textbooks: US History, Literature, Math, Science, Foreign Language

  • 7th Grade Textbooks World History, Literature, Math, Science, Foreign Language

  • 6th Grade Textbooks: World History, Literature, Math, Science

Please hand textbooks to staff members with bar codes easily accessible so they can be easily scanned. Also hand in library books that you have checked out.

Station 3: Receive materials from school (Medicine, Refunds, Other Paperwork). Office staff will hand envelopes to families. (This will only be for all 8th graders and some 7th graders.)

Station 4: Drop-off School Issued Instrument by Band Room if you are in 8th grade or if you will not be in music next year.

Once you have passed through all the stations, please exit cautiously through Sequoia Elementary School driveway.

We will be sending out robocalls and reminders the night before each of the turn-in dates.

Previous Updates


  • Grades from 3rd Quarter will be part of the determination for the Credit/No Credit marks for the 4th Quarter and 2nd Semester.
  • Progress reports for all students were sent out this week through the mail. Grades were either a Credit/No Credit mark based on the work that students have completed since the school closure. Students may also receive the comment "At Risk of No Credit".
  • If you have questions about your students progress, please connect with their teacher.

Superintendent's News Letter:

Click here for the May 15th edition of the newsletter.

Key topics include - State Budget Impact on MDUSD and Summer School.

TA's Wanted - 2020-2021:

Attention all students entering 7th or 8th grade! We are looking for more students who are interested in being a Teacher's Aide next year. If you didn't apply before school ended, but are still interested, send an email to Mr. Carman ( stating why you would be a good TA and 3 teachers you might want to TA for. While we can't guarantee you'll get one of those teachers, we'll do our best. Being a TA can be a great way to help other students, build a relationship with a teacher, and get homework done. Keep in mind it does fill one of your three elective periods. Any questions, email Mr. Carman!

Sequoia parents we appreciate how you are supporting your student during this time. Please feel free to reach out to our teachers if you have any school related questions.

Click here for updated Teacher Office Hours (as of May 15th)

Click here for list of Teacher Digital Connections.

MDUSD/County Updates

School Closure Letter

County Health Department

MDUSD Website to see daily updates

Free Community Meals:

We are proud to provide free community meals for all children 18 years and younger. Please see the attached flyers for a list of locations:

Click here for English

Click here for Spanish

Counseling Support:

The SMS counseling department can be reached during the shelter-in-place period via email. Angela Stewart can be reached at and Nathan Cormier-Knopp (Mr. CK) can be reached at Email communication will be monitored during regular school hours and responded to as soon as practically possible.

Have a great week! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Mr. Honey

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