Shine Like A Star

By: Emily P.

Did you know?

Jennifer Lawrence says that all she does in life is act and hang out on stage


to succeed you have to strive for it

Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence would come to our school

Jennifer Lawrence can act

Stafford Middle School could benefit off of Jennifer's acting. Also, Jennifer has experience in acting so that would help our school

Jennifer could teach us acting techniques everyday

Jennifer says that she loves to act and enjoys doing this career for the rest of her life

Jennifer would be a good person to talk to and she is a good role model

Jennifer is funny and will always listen. Jennifer is the kind if person you can count on to be good in a movie

Take Action

there are three easy steps in doing this process

  1. talk to your principal
  2. put out flyers
  3. be prepared

The Hunger Games - Official Trailer [HD]

how kids feel after they see Jennifer Lawrence

thank you

thank you for watching my presentation good luck :)