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His research, a study that examined patients who were waiting in a hospital, showed that the anticipation of the queue management group did not significantly affect idea of how long they had waited. Masters eight points if the wait is complemented in the book Services Marketing (Love lock& With) by an additional two points. Points are Physically uncomfortable waiting feels more than comfortable waiting and Unknown wait feels longer than the familiar anticipation Physically uncomfortable waiting feels more than comfortable waiting in awkward postures queue management can cause physical pain, such as pain in the feet or the back. While heating, cooling and poor air can cause irritation in the queue situations.

Who does not prefer to sit in a comfortable chair and wait in front of the stand in the slush at a heavily trafficked street waiting for the bus? Unfamiliar wait feels longer than the familiar anticipation the queue management customer is familiar with how the queue situation is a specific service point will she, unlike the first-time visitor, will not be affected as much by what happens in the situation. Secondly, the habit of the customer to have a good idea of how long the wait will take, and she will not worry about what will happen next. It is human nature to feel more comfortable in familiar situations. Jones& the Peppiest points out that companies queue software crunchbase should be extra cautious with new customers because they have a higher sensitivity to waiting times.

Other contributions Agnes Durrande-Moreau charted in the article Waiting for service: ten years of empirical research queue management ten years of empirical research in the field. She found eighteen empirical studies that she then weighed against each other to try to create a new basis for further research on the subject. The study is based on Masters eight points on pending from. Durrande-Moreau's contribution is that she makes three types of classifications of factors that queue software crunchbase affect the customer's perception of the queue situations.

The first type of division is whether a factor is from a business perspective, there appears to be three groups in which points are divided. They are been influenced, partially be influenced and not be queue management influenced (Durrande-Moreau). Jones and Peppiest presents the following breakdown by eight of the ten basic points regarding the degree of from a Davis and Heineken highlights the importance of companies to train their service staff on how to act in queue software crunchbase different queue situations to influence customer perception of the situation. It is important that staff know what they can influence and what kind of influence that gives the best effect. It is also important for managers to understand the stress that service personnel queue management can be exposed to in different situations, the authors argue that it is a good starting point for the work.
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