Princess Diana

Annie-rose Goodall


Princess Diana was born July 1st 1961. She was born into an aristocratic or upper-class family who were also linked to the Royal family. As a student she did not do well in school but excelled in art and ballet. At the age of twenty Diana married Prince charles (heir to the British throne). Prince charles was thirty three at the time which was a lot older than Diana. However her parents had arranged the marriage which was not common in that culture at the time. Their wedding was watched by 1 billion people from all over the world. After they were wed Princess Diana and Prince charles had two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry. Not long after Princess Diana and Prince Charles were divorced. This was bad press for the Royal family however Diana remained loved by many due to her endless amounts of kindness towards all. When William was fifteen and Harry twelve their mother died in a car accident. There are many speculations to what happened but the answers remain in the Royal family.

How did Princess Diana change the world

Being married to the heir to the trone of England's gave princess Diana a lot of popularity. She had been seen before around and with the royal family but never paid any attention to. Being the first royal marriage to happen in a long time people from all over the world were interested in the event. After the marriage princess Diana said she expected the press to go down but instead it grew and she soon became a very well known icon. However Diana did not let the new found press intimidate her, but instead used it as a chance to show the world who she really was. She never cared where the press where and said she never did anything she wouldn't want to people of England to see. Princess Diana was majorly involved in charity work, she focused more on the AIDS foundation more than anyother. When the people of England saw someone they thought very highly of helping something they probably thought of as a disgusting disease, they became more accepting. When someone has money or power they place themselves above all else. People see this and think they need to have money and gain power and then soon enough that's all they are focused on. Princess Diana, a person with the most money and power in the whole of England, showed people how to act and love. She served as a role model for most of the people in England. She was also good friends with mother Teresa who refered to Diana was her daughter. Throughout her life princess Diana did good that went unnoticed but she did not care. In every single interview about and with her there is never a bad word to be said. I believe and I'm sure many others believe she has changed the world by showing people how to be humble and accepting to all.