Ava Anderson Non Toxic Update

Melissa Allen (Star constultant #8241)

20% off while supplies last!

Happy February! While Ava Anderson Non Toxic rebrands and comes out with a new label in March, we are selling off much of our inventory that has been manufactured out of house (as we move to a 100% in-house production with new label and USDA organic certification status- WOOT!) Get it while it's HOT! Use party #132755

This just in: items listed below have SOLD OUT already as of 2/2!

lavender candle
chai tea candle
lemongrass candle

glass cleaner
spray set

I'm here to help!

Any questions about the future of Ava Anderson Non Toxic? Concerns about items that are not listed in the shopping cart? Please contact me!

Big changes are coming for our beloved Ava Anderson Non Toxic LLC. I am sad to see the Andersons go, but thankful for what they started and eager to carry on the mission that drew me to this in the first place. The information about harmful ingredients in everything from face cleanser to sunscreen compels me to continue educating and offering the safe products that so many have come to love.
We will continue as Ava Anderson Non Toxic through February and then will be opening as a NEW brand in March. I am still happy to share the message with your friends and family during this time, or help you stock up as they work to manufacture ALL products in-house (many already are!) and become certified organic.