Roman vs U.S. Ideas of

Citizenship, Law, and Justice

The Citizenship, Law, and Justice of Rome and U.S.

Men had rights, women had little to no rights, and slaves had no rights.
In the U.S. men and women have same rights, and slaves are not here.
If your parents weren't free, you wouldn't be a citizen.
In the U.S. if you were born in the U.S. and your parents were born someplace else you will be a citizen.
Laws were written.
In the U.S. I don't think laws were written.
Fines, beatings, banishment, and slavery were some punishments.
Some of these except beatings and slavery are still in the U.S.
One punishment for killing your father is drowning you in a river.
In the U.S. if you kill your father you go to jail.