The Invention of The Television

A Timeline

People attempt to invent the T.V.

People tried to make moving pictures for awhile before the first working television was actually created. They had multiple different models, such as spinning mirrors, that just weren't fast enough or didn't work in general.

Philo's Idea

Philo T. Farnsworth first got his idea to create a T.V when he was on his farm at the age of 14 in 1922. He had moved to the farm when he was 11, and it was the first time he had electricity. He got had got his idea when reading an article in his attic/laboratory.

The First T.V. January 7th, 1927

Philo created his own invention of the T.V. when he dropped out of college after his father died in 1923. His invention was capturing light in a jar and transmitting it into single lines made of electron beams onto a screen. A moving picture was deflected magnetically creating a moving picture. His boss gave him $6,000 to test out his invention. He applied for his patent in early January of 1927, which is the date that is officially the time it was invented.

Television Laboratories Inc.

When Phil's invention was tested and worked, his business partners had already invested $60,000 more than they had originally anticipated. Jess McCarger, a stock broker, suggested that they start stock in the company, and thats how Television Laboratories Inc. came to be in 1928.

RCA vs. Farnsworth Televison

After Phil left Television Laboratories, the company became Farnsworth Television. At this time, the Great Depression is at its worst, and RCA Streaming wants the rights to Farnsworths patents. They took Farnsworth Television to court. Their main goal was to rule the world of television like they had radio. There is a specific quote from David Sarnoff, the leader of RCA, saying ¨RCA does not pay royalties, we collect them¨ An attorney of Farnsworth's was also an engineer, and he said that Phil had originally thought of his idea at the age of 14, way before RCA. They had Phil's science teacher come to court and draw the sketch Phil had drawn for him when Phil was in school still. The court decided that Phil had all rights to his patents and T.V. That did not stop that legal battles with RCA however, they continued for years afterwards.

First public demonstration

The first time the Television was demonstrated to the public was in the summer of 1938, and the T.V. event lasted 3 weeks because so many people waned to watch it, but it was originally only supposed to last 10 days.

April 1939

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first U.S. President to appear on television. RCA cameras caught the event and those are the images that appeared on peoples T.V. sets in New York.
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Pros & cons

There are so many pros that came from the television. Some examples are now we have ways of being informed from news broadcast where we can actually see people and pictures, and from informational T.V. specials. We also have another form of entertainment. The film/TV industry has also provided many many people with jobs, weather there work is o or off screen. Some cons are that too much time in front of the T.V. reduces time actually socializing with other humans. Another con is that some shows are not age appropriate for younger kids, and when they watch them it influences their thoughts, words, and actions. But if parents monitor what their children are watching, i think over the invention of the T.V. made a huge and overall positive impact on the world.


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