News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of April 1-5

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello Everyone!

We had so much fun on the field trip last week. The class enjoyed looking for animals with external characteristics for their scavenger hunt. A great big thank you goes out to all of the parents who helped to make the day so smooth.

We'll be using some of the pictures during our media lessons this week with Ms. Wimmer in the library.

Don't forget to check eBackpack weekly. There are always forms and event sheets for you to print and return if interested. I have a link to the site on my website.

There are several upcoming events that look like fun. Be sure and check out the Sommer website for more details!

Things to Return/Remember:

-Report Card envelopes are due by Friday

-science supplies by grade level for science lab

-Last Math Super Stars papers are due by April 10th

Dates to Remember

Apr. 2nd & 3rd: No visitors on campus due to STAAR testing

Apr. 9th: Mrs. C out all day, Dr. Seuss Night @ Sommer

Apr. 10th: Ride to Recover (bike cycling group ride by school in show of support for veterans) + Math Super Stars are due today!!

Apr. 22nd-25th: No visitors on campus due to STAAR testing

Apr. 26th: Kona Ice day!

Apr. 27th: Round Rock Express Baseball Game

May 1st: Early Release day

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- This is our last week with geometry. We are trying more problem solving with a geometry slant this week. We will have a celebration of knowledge (test) on Wednesday to see what concepts still need attention as we close out this unit.

**What you can do at home: Play "Guess My Name" using 2D or 3D shapes. Name all of the attributes you can think of and see if your partner can figure out what shape or figure you are thinking about.

Science- We will continue to explore how external characteristics help animals and plants to meet their basic needs. We'll look at how environments affect the growth and behavior of living things.

**What you can do at home: Discuss how plants and animals change their patterns depending upon the temperature and weather in their environments. (Some plants become dormant during colder months...)

Writing- We will spend a week working on the techniques of persuasive writing. Writers need to tell specifically what they want or need. We'll learn that writers should give reasons telling why they want or need something to happen.

What you can do at home: Ask your child about what needs to happen when one is trying to persuade others to do something.

Reading- We are moving into media literacy this week. This unit is fun because we tie in a variety of media props used across our day to grab our attention and either inform, persuade, or entertain us. We'll be looking at how advertisers use colors, word size and choice, and pictures to try to give us information.

What you can do at home: Look for examples of media literacy while at the grocery store, watching t.v., in magazines, and on the internet.

Spelling/Handwriting- We created an anchor chart of reasons why good handwriting is important to use all of the time. Students said it helped to make their thoughts understandable, made them feel good, and kept teachers from being worried. Ha Ha!

What you can do at home: If you notice your sweetie not gripping a writing tool correctly, gently tell them to "check your grip." I have other tricks if you need help with this. Just email me and let me know!

Spelling is also coming along. Students should really know what vowels and consonants are. They should be able to point out patterns studied in words read during reading times.

What you can do at home: Ask your child what spelling rules he/she is studying. Can he/she talk to you about the words being sorted?

Class Wish List

The class has requested:

-smelly stickers (Mardel and Lakeshore carry these.)

-We'll take gift cards in small amounts too! Those add up and can buy lots of things for us.

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!