RCCPALS May 2015 Session

It's time to register!

Thierry Karsenti- iPad / MEESR Programs and Evaluation teams - Wonderful C2

You sure do not want to miss Thierry Karsenti's Day 2 on the use of the iPad in the ESL classroom, and the MEESR's workshop on C2.

Please fill in the registration TODAY and send it to Melissa Lafond from La Montagne coupée.

RCCPALS Spring Training Session

Wednesday, May 20th, 9pm to Friday, May 22nd, 11pm

1000 Chemin de la Montagne-Coupée

Saint-Jean de Matha, QC


May 20th, 2015

9h - 16h RCCPALS' Meeting

May 21st, 2015

9h - 16h Tierry Karsenti (iPad Day 2)

May 22nd, 2015

9h - 16h MEESR C2

Evening Social Events:

May 20th: Get Ready to Swap Spring Event

May 21st: Chain of Life 1047 (pack comfy shoes)