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We all are different

we all are the same

We all have joy

We all have pain

We all feel sad

We all are amazed

We all have hope for peace and life

We all have happiness and equal rights

We all are different

We all feel the same

We all are connected in every way

We all have gratitude

We all get mad

We all have lost things

But there’s things that we have

We might look different

And we might feel different

But I know we're connected in every way

written by Yuyah Levy Hector


Last Tuesday, we had a Hunger Banquet. Each of us received a small card with the biography of an individual representing 55%, 30% or 15% of the world's population. The 55% card represented the poorest percent of the world's population. A little more than half of the people on earth do not have enough food and water. Thirty percent of the world's population has to work hard to get food to survive. And fifteen percent of the world's population is the wealthiest. Those people have food and clean water. Whoever received a biography with 55% written on their card was given a bowl of white rice for lunch. The students who received biography with 30% written on their card were given beans and rice to eat. And students who received a biography with 15% written on their card enjoyed a sub, chips, cookies and apple juice for lunch. This was to show us how people are living and feeling around the world. The activity gave us ideas to help in our community. This was a fun experience.

Human Patel

The reason this is, is unfortunate but it’s what it is.

I hope there will be a time where everyone gets what they need.

If you beg for a toy you don’t get think about the kids who don’t get toys.

When people who have what they need and want realize this, we will have a better world.

Aviva Bederson

Songfest: Friday, December 18

Please join us in experiencing the culmination of the students’ musical studies thus far this year on Friday, December 18 for Song Fest. Upper Elementary students will join Lower Elementary students to sing songs in several different languages reflecting lower elementary’s study of Europe and upper elementary’s study of early civilization. We hope you will also partake in our community pot-luck breakfast in the Upper Elementary building at the start of the school day. The program begins at 9:30 in Safer Theater.

Upcoming Dates

December 10 Montessori Parent Ed – Chip DeLorenzo 6-8:00pm

December 15 Barrie Singalong

December 17 Open Barn

December 18 Songfest and mid-day dismissal


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