Tech Tip Tuesday

31 March 2015

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What is Plickers?

Have you used Poll Everywhere or one of our clicker systems? Check out Plickers! Plickers is a classroom response app that allows teachers to collect student data without pulling out cell phones or passing out clickers to each student. All you need is one teacher device and the Plicker app. (iOS or Android)

Add each class to the Plicker website, create your questions, and assign them to a class. It's a great way check understanding anonymously.

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Number off your class on your roster, and give each student a unique (numbered) visual code to match their number on the roster. They hold up their code so that the letter they choose to answer is at the top of their card.

Then, scan the cards around the room with your phone/tablet to collect the answers. You can view the results on your device, or you can post them on the screen for all to see.

(Click to enlarge the examples below and to the left.)

You can assign numbers across all classes, so you really only need one set of cards. You can print your own cards in sets of 40 or 63, or you can order pre-made, matte laminated cards from Amazon.

Want ideas for using Plickers? Use it to review before a test. Quickly gather how the class if feeling about a lesson or as an exit slip. Ask questions at the beginning of the unit to assess prior knowledge or opinions. Take a vote.

Want even more information? Check out this Slideshare presentation! I'll be happy to help, too! I played around with a demo class and sample question. It was easy to set up, and I was able to quickly scan the codes and collect data.

Video Instructions

Love this very quick demo (It's called Tech in 2 for a reason!), and it walks through all the steps for you.
How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

One teacher's take...

My Take on Plickers - Automatic Student Feedback with One Device


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