Vinyasa Yoga with Caitlin

at The Yoga Room

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Dear Friends,

This week marks one of the most powerful and auspicious new moons of the year. Many traditions consider this the time for setting new intentions, and clearing clutter from the heart and mind and home. It is a time of personal metamorphosis.

I'll be teaching twice this weekend, dedicating both practices to this transformational energy. I hope you will join me.

Love All Ways,


Upcoming Classes

Vinyasa Flow: Saturday, November 14th @ 8:15am

Sweet N' Low Yoga Flow: Sunday, November 15th @ 10:00am

and of course DYNAMIC VINYASA continues...

Every Tuesday night, now at 5:30pm, join us at the Yoga Room for a playful, challenging vinyasa practice. Dynamic Vinyasa strives for fostering a light-hearted, invigorating and creative environment. Sun salutations, mandala namaskars, and free flows incorporate extra choreography and are typically set to eastern inspired grooves. Intense core work is a routine component of class, and is accompanied by high powered rock n’ roll, techno and electronica. By mixing a stimulating and sweaty vinyasa practice with loud joyful music students may find they have worked harder and stretched deeper without even knowing it, having FUN all the while. This is a WARMING class. Please expect to release toxins through your pores; we suggest brining a towel to class!


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Just Add Water: Panama, March 19th-26th, 2016

Reward your body and give yourself the gift of a renewed spirit with a week’s yoga immersion at Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort: a stunning, boutique yoga retreat center on the Pacific coast of Panama, near Los Buzos, Panama.

Surf the day away or strengthen your yoga practice. This retreat will be designed so that you can go as deep as you like or relax as much as you want. My friend and co-teacher Ieva Aldins and I will deliver twice daily yoga practices and offer you multiple sea and land adventures!

March 19-26th, 2016

Details here.