Everythin' Monthly

March issue

Giannine Bellisaro trapped in Heir Apparent!

Giannine Bellisaro, a 14-year-old, has been stuck in total immersion at Rasmussen corp. for 45 min. now. This normally would be completely safe, but the anti-fantasy group CPOC has been destroying the equipment in protest and pulling her out could be dangerous due to the damaged equipment. Along with the inability to cancel the game, staying in too long ( an estimated 1 hr 30 min.) could also result in the overheating of the systems, damaging her brain.

So far, technicians around the world have been studying her readout and discussing the greatest way to pull her out. " Judging from her readouts, it seems she has died over 5 times and has just made it to the second level." Nigel Rasmussen says. " She has made many mistakes, and sadly is really not getting the game. But we still have hope. She is halfway through level two as we speak, and shows no signs of stopping."

CPOC has been taken into custody, but as for Giannine, all we can do is hope.

CPOC Sued by Rasmussen

CPOC took matters into their own hands.

CPOC is being sued by Rasmussen corp. for the trapping of Giannine Bellisaro in the virtual world game, heir apparent.

After seeing G.B, as were calling her, walk into a Rasmussen gaming center even after they warned her, CPOC supposedly decided to take matters into there own hands. They went on a rampage, destroying equipment. They ended up damaging the equipment enough that G.B was trapped inside, the opposite of their intentions. They have been taken into custody and will be sued next week.

I Will Take Lonnie

My name is Mrs.Edna, and I would like to take Lonnie. I have had boys before, specifically troublemakers, and ended up whipping them into straight-A kids (Not actually whipping!).

Also, I know how Lonnie will feel if he is stuck at an orphanage, especially without his sister, his (for now!) only family, who I will let him see. I feel for Lonnie, and want to be his family, so he could live the life he never did. In order for Lonnie to not be a bad person, he needs a loving environment and some encouragement. I don't want anyone to end up on the street doing drugs, I know it will ruin their life, shorting it to a fraction of what it could be.

So, I would like to take Lonnie as urgently as possible, for a fear someone such as a criminal or something worse could get to him before me.

With High Hopes,