Global Trade

Mary Ecleo

  • Columbian Exchange- the global transfer of plants, animals, and diseases that occured during the European colonization of the Americas
  • Triangular Trade- Africans were part of the transatlantic trading, the triangular trade, and brought to the Americas. The Americans then sell sugar, coffee, and tobacco to Europe. Some Europeans bring the goods from the Americans to Africa.
  • Middle Passage- considered the leg of the transatlantic trade triangle. Captured Africans were placed here to sell to the Americas. However, some didn't survive due to cruelty and diseases they had during the journey.
  • Why Africans instead of Natives- European owners had planned to use Natives as source of cheap labor. But millions of Natives died from disease, warfare, and brutal treatment. Therefore, the Europeans in Brazil, the Caribbean, and the southern colonies of North America soon turned to Africa for workers. This demand for cheap labor resulted in the brutalities of slave trade.

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