Article Annotation Project

Get excited!!


For this project you will demonstrate what you have learned about reading, annotating, highlighting, and responding to an article.


1. Choose a news article of at least 500 words (use this word count tool to check).


2. Paste the Article in a Google Doc.

3. Highlight at least 5 unknown words/ concepts and add the definitions in the comments.

4. Write 2 thought questions.

5. Highlight the information in your article relevant to your thought question.

6. Answer your thought questions in paragraph form. (Be sure to cite evidence from the text)


1. Choose a topic that interests you.

2. Choose a challenging article.

Where do I look for articles?

How do I write my thought questions?

Think about the work we've done this week. Everyday we begin by reading a thought question, then going back and highlighting information that answers the question. The thought question makes us think deeper about what we just read.

Now you are writing thought questions about your article.

Good thought questions might start with why, how, what is the importance of..., how does this article show...

Be sure to SHARE your document with Ms.Kizer so that you receive credit!