February 11th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!


Maria Vowell 4th Grade Dual

I grew up in a family with several teachers and at a very early age, I realized that this was the career I wanted to follow. When I lived in Brazil (where I am originally from), I attended the Universidade Paulista where I was pursuing my dream to become a Brazilian and Portuguese literature teacher. However, before I was able to finish college, I married my dear husband, Mike. This happened in 2006 in Brazil. In 2007, when I moved to the United States, I started learning about bilingual programs in elementary schools and I decided I wanted to work in this area. I speak three languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish) and I love working with Language Learners. In May of 2015, I graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. This is my third year teaching. I taught Kindergarten for two years and now I teach fourth grade. I can say it has been a great experience so far. In the past, I also worked as a bilingual paraprofessional in Central Elementary and I am happy to be back to Lewisville ISD.

I love my country, and one of the greatest memories I have from Brazil is spending my summer vacations (December and January) in Rio de Janeiro where my mom’s part of the family lives. I have been to most of the main tourist spots in Rio, and although I do not like heights, my favorite places to visit are Sugar Loaf and Christ Redeemer. I intend to go back to visit soon.

Besides our long-time furry companions Tiger and Vita, my husband Mike and I have a beautiful daughter named Katherine (named after my late mother). She is 18 months old and she is the joy of our lives. She loves to “talk,” throw her snacks to the dogs, dance and make friends =). She is a rare little pearl. She was born with frontonasal dysplasia, which is basically the absence of the nasal bone. Nothing that a future nose job is not going to fix. =)

In addition, we are extremely happy that soon (September) our little one will become a big sister! I cannot wait to see her interaction with her new little buddy.

TEACHER RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

  • Mrs. Sammon - she is always positive & a ray of sunshine
  • Mrs. Varona because she does it ALL!!
  • Mrs. Oporto-Goes above and beyond to support our team, help students, and demonstrates grace in all situations!
  • Luimar Franco is doing incredible things for this school. Her help is not limited to the students on her caseload but is offered and given to any student she sees with a need; as well as any teacher or staff member. She always has a smile on her face and is constantly working towards a better learning environment for the whole school. She is INCREDIBLE.
  • Lance Thomas
  • Mrs. Franco! She is so intentional with relationship building and positive interactions with our students. She has helped 3rd grade so much with the compliment charts she provided us. My students get so excited when she comes around to let me know that my students did a great job in the morning. She understands the importance of connect before you correct.
  • Mrs. Troyer is outrageously patient and kind to all of her students. She goes above and beyond to meet their individual needs. We are blessed to have her at Lewisville Elementary and on the 5th grade team.
  • Mrs. Villegas-she consistently builds positive relationships with her students.
  • Ms. Becker
  • Rosana Lopez. She is very dedicated to her students' success and an awesome team leader.
  • Lance Thomas - His passion for music is evident in his teaching and he is always working to connect with ALL children during bus dismissal.
  • Kate Carlson - Jumps to help all that need it. She cares about everybody and puts them before herself.
  • Melissa Villegas: for always persevering each day.
  • Mrs. Franco for going above and beyond her special ed. duties and support the whole. We are happy you joined the family.

Congratulations Ms. Franco - February Teacher of the Month

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Staff Recognition- I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

  • Marisol Anguita is always willing to help with our Gifted students and she is very involved with them.
  • Alicia Rowland is a wonderful caring teacher with such amazing attitude with all students and staff.
  • Veronica Hernandez- She is always making her library space so fabulous for all students.
  • Nurse Rachel - she takes care of all our Ponies with a smile on her face.
  • Oden because she is everywhere doing everything!!
  • Mrs. Rutherford-Her PLC was well thought out and super helpful-in general she works to support everyone around her.
  • Mrs. Rubio because she always takes the time to decorate the office and make our school pretty.
  • Ms. Brittany has only been a member of our SPED team for a short time but has already proved she is a wonder woman! She is so helpful and you can tell she cares deeply about the relationships she is building with kids.
  • He is everywhere! Helping greet kids, making their mornings brighter, spreading joy and hope to students and staff!
  • Belinda Rubio! She always has a smile on her face and happily obliges whenever I have a request.
  • Elda Ratzlaff
  • Mrs. Morales is very caring with the students. She is very dedicated to teach them.
  • Ms. Scruggs-works hard to help her students. She its awesome, and always willing to help. She is awesome!!!!!
  • Elva Sanche,z our custodian is a great person who enjoys keeping our school clean and looking good.
  • Mrs. Dickinson- She is hard-working and always trying to help the best she can.
  • Betty Guerrero. Always ready to help in any way anybody needs.
  • Mrs. Rubio, she is the office queen. She does a great job greeting parents and staff.
  • Laura Norton - Her passion and love for kids is evident in her connection with kids and her willingness to support teachers.
  • Ms. Dickinson
  • Rubio!

Congratulations Mrs. Rubio - February Staff of the Month

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Happy Valentine's Day - FEBRUARY 14TH


On Thursday morning, you are invited to enjoy bagels and muffins as a token of our sincere appreciation.
Happy Valentine's Day,

LVES Admin. Team

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Let's take a peek into the campus handbook - Substitutes and Absences

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Planned or Emergency Absences

  • As soon as a staff member is aware of the need to take a personal day, a planned absence form (http://bit.ly/2OKUXly) should be submitted (with sub secured) to the principal, stating the day(s) you are planning to be absent.

  • Requests should be submitted at least one week in advance, if possible.

  • The principal will review the form and approve or deny the request. While your personal days are “yours” to use, board policy states that principals may use discretion on whether absence requests will be approved. If a sub is not secured, the absence lands on a day with many other absences/subs, etc., the principal may not approve the absence.

  • Per district requirement, discretionary personal days are not to be taken during the first week of instruction, the last week of instruction, the day before or the day after a holiday, on state testing days, or on any professional learning days. Requests to take off on these days will be denied. If the staff member chooses to take off anyway, they will be docked pay.

  • If you are ill or have an emergency requiring an absence, create an absence on the sub system so a substitute can be provided for the class. The earlier an absence is called in, the greater the possibility of having a substitute to cover a class. Notify the team leader about the absence.

  • Substitutes should be secured as soon as possible. If you or a family member is ill and you are aware the night before that you will not be coming in, please call for a substitute that evening. Please do not wait until the morning of your absence, if at all possible.

Professional Development / Curriculum Writing Absences

  • To request for a Staff Learning or Curriculum Writing day, please complete the 2018-2019 Professional Development Planned Absences Form .

  • All school business must be cleared through an administrator, have a substitute secured, and then our secretary will put it in the sub system. If you are not able to find a sub, please communicate with Mrs. Guerrero. If there is not a substitute secured, the staff member won’t be able to leave.

  • Per district regulations, if a staff member signs up for a workshop or conference for which the district pays and the staff person does not attend, then s/he is liable to reimburse the district.

Leave Early

  • If you are leaving during the school day at any time within your contract time, sign out in the office before you leave and sign in when you return.

  • In the rare occasion that you need to leave after 3:00, but before 3:45, please make sure you email the principal and sign out in the office log and notify your administrator.

  • In the event that a staff member needs to leave no more than 20 to 30 minutes early during the instructional time, approval will need to be obtained from an administrator. (See "leave early request.") Each staff member will have need to obtain an administrator's signature.

  • It is an expectation that personal appointments are scheduled for after work hours. Exceptions will only be allowed with prior approval by the principal.


Each day that you (classroom teacher) are not in the classroom, students do not receive the highest quality of instruction possible. Inevitably, various occasions will arise when you will need to be absent. It is important that we secure the best substitutes possible, and ensure that you leave clear plans so that student learning may continue in your absence.

To ensure substitutes have the necessary information for the class during your absence, all teachers must create a substitute folder or binder which will be stored in an easy-to-find place in the classroom. The following items should be included in the sub. folder:

    • Master class schedule (start time, end time, lunch, recess, specials, schedules for students who leave the classroom, schedules for support staff who may provide inclusion, etc.)

    • 1 day of generic lesson plans in case of emergency

    • Specific lesson plans for planned absences - Please make sure you leave detailed lessons that will keep your students engaged and learning during your absence.

    • Instructions regarding student medications, fire drills and other emergency instructions

    • Instructions for any life-threatening allergies, health plans, etc.

    • Seating chart of students (must keep current)

    • A list of supervisors, team leads, and other helpful adults

    • Responsibilities, such as duties, and anything else important during your absence

    • Specials rotations

Videos are not to be shown by the substitute unless movie procedures are followed (see “Movies” in the LVES handbook).

Please refer to the Substitute Binder checklist to ensure that your binder is prepared prior to your first absence.

STUDENT RECOGNITION -I statement: Create meaningful and positive relationships with all students.

  • Feb. 14th - Student of the Month Breakfast with Principal
  • Please send your Student of the Month to the library at 7:45 with their breakfast.
  • Submissions may be found on the Pony Way 2 site.
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CBAs Data Analysis

  • Monday, February 11th: 7:15 - 8:30 5th gr. Released Test Data Analysis (Coverage provided.) As previously discussed, bring your data already printed and analyzed.

  • Wednesday, February 13th: 7:15 - 8:30 4th grade Editing and Revising Analysis (Coverage provided.) Bring your data already printed and analyzed. See agenda for 4th grade.


Shout out to the 5th grade team, Ms. Wooster, the tutors and instructional support that work with them. Their hard work and dedication was reflected on their STAAR Test benchmark scores.

I station check ins K to 2nd

During our I station check ins in January we discussed that we will wait until March to regroup for most of you to give you more time to implement strategies shared. I will be only meeting with a few of you.

See schedule: click here


  • Tuesday February 12th: TELPAS Calibration during TEKS & ELPS Collaboration (PLC Sessions) - All Grades - Special Schedule.
  • Thursday February 14th: 1ST TELPAS WRITING SAMPLE DUE (SCIENCE)

For the Sake of Science

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Please make sure you read this month's Science Snippet as it has important information about materials needed for all grade levels Organisms & Environments Units. Click HERE to access the newsletter. Please email Lori Klimeck if you have any questions.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, February 11th:

  • 7:15-8:30 5th gr. Released Test Data Analysis (Coverage provided in cafeteria.)
  • Book Fair Opens
  • Lang. Arts K-2 LF on campus
  • 3:15 New Teacher Mtg.
  • Corey Anderson BD
  • Veronica Hernandez BD

Tuesday, February 12th:

  • TELPAS Calibration during TEKS & ELPS Collaboration - All Grades - Special Schedule
  • Boys Lunch with a Leader
  • Technology LF on campus
  • Multilingual Coordinator on campus
  • Tutoring for Grades K-3 and 5
  • 3:30 - 5:00 4th Grade Writing Online Training Part 2

Wednesday, February 13th:

  • Dress for Success
  • 7:15 to 8:30 4th grade editing and revising (Coverage provided.)
  • TELPAS Calibration Make-up
  • GT Campus Selection Meeting 3:15 - 4:20
  • Pre-LPACs (Lopez, Hernandez and Boston) beginning at 1:00
  • Advisory Mtg. w/ Principal

Thursday, February 14th

  • Happy Valentine's Day! Please enjoy bagels and muffins in the morning as a token of appreciation from the Admin. Team.
  • Student of the Month Breakfast
  • Rotary Reads
  • 3:30 PTA Board Mtg.
  • Tutoring

Friday, February 15th:
  • Staff Luncheon - Hosts are 4th Grade & Office Staff
  • 4th grade Writing Composition analysis during conference period
  • 5:30 - 7:30 Family Night - Jump Rope for Heart (Book Fair Open)

Important Days Coming Up

  • February 18th: HOLIDAY
  • February 19th: Calibration Make-up Session
  • February 20th: Staff Learning and Mill Street Elementary Info. Meeting We will have an information session with Employee Services about the staff plans for the New Mill Street Elementary 3:15 - 4:30 TELPAS PRACTICE / Team Leader meeting 7:20 to 8:30
  • February 21st: PTA Mtg. + Program: 4th & 5th Grade Choir - Black History Month.
  • February 25th: TELPAS window open 2/25 - 4/5
  • February 28th: TELPAS 3RD WRITING SAMPLE DUE (PAST EXPERIENCE) . K-1ST WRITING SAMPLE DUE Famiy Engagement Night 5:30 to 6:30 (ACE Program)


Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

  • Izzy Bernal, Ms. Diaz, and Ms. Rodriguez for the engaging math lessons that the students are receiving!
  • Nurse Rachel for the awesome information she shared with us all week (keeping our hearts healthy)!
  • Mrs. Ramos for your positive attitude and willingness to support!
  • Coach W. for always being in good spirits!
  • Mrs. Oden for talking and planning math events with me!
  • Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Gibbs, & Mrs. Crawley for being super quick about taking your Online Basic TELPAS training!
  • Ms. Lombrano for being prepared and proactive for her students' RTI meetings!
  • Mrs. Lopez for being all about that data!!!
  • Mrs. Gray for having a welcoming classroom environment!
  • Mrs. Blake for being a great thinking partner!
  • Mrs. Sayers for having an impromptu parent meeting with me!
  • Mrs. Valdes for bringing tamales!
  • Ms. Lawson for helping me with a special project!
  • Ms. Helbig for being prepared for her student's RTI meeting!
  • Ms. Yvette Bernal for taking care of all of her "ducklings."
  • Ms. Zachary for being an amazing substitute.
  • To everybody that shows up! YOU help our students go, grow, & glow up! YOU MATTER!!!
  • Mrs. Gibbs for letting me cut in line to make copies! Thank you!!!
  • Mrs. Kilam for preparing sub plans for me so that I could stay home with my sick kiddo instead of having to come back up to work to get plans together. Thank you again!
  • Thank you Mr. Anderson, Mr. Ledesma, Mr. Berg, Mrs. Troyer, Mr. Colon, Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. Oden for staying late for the STAAR Reading training.
  • Mrs. Blake... just because I like her style.
  • Bernal for helping me with lesson plans.
  • Ms. Snell for teaching my class a lesson on staying on task. They loved your humor. :)
  • Nurse Rachel for keeping me up at night thinking about my health! :/
  • Ms. Dickinson for always supporting me with behavior concerns in my class. I appreciate you so much!!
  • Ms. Ramos for translating an impromptu parent/teacher conference!!
  • Mrs. Hernandez and her wonderful ideas!!
  • Frederick for always being someone I can talk to!
  • Sandra Zamora~for all her amazing work in organizing the new rally layout and procedures!! You make Specials ROCK!!
  • Thank you to Miss Frazier for finding English posters for my Kindergarten class!
  • Thank you Miss Frazier for the yummy breakfast taquitos for our kinder team!!
  • Ms. Simpson. Thank you for demonstrating your organizational skills and sharing helpful resources.
  • Ms. Helbig, Mrs. Cichy, Mrs. Bodiford, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Frosch, Mrs. Varona, Mrs. Gray, Ms. Kilam, Mrs. Troyer, Mrs. Hackworth, Ms. Scott, & Ms. Jones. Thank you for the flexibility you display, day-in and day-out. Specifically, with your collaborative efforts to help meet the needs of our dyslexic students. I appreciate you!
  • Ms. Boston for sharing part of her classroom management success. Way to go! Thank you for setting your students up for success with the routine you displayed.
  • Ms. Norton because the seeds you plant on a daily basis are coming to fruition. During our reading comprehension discussions, a student experienced a text-to-self connection and shared that "Ms. Norton has talked to us about treating a bully in ways so that they become better instead of the way they treat you." Thank you for the many ways in which you positively impact our students.
  • Ms. Rubio for being patient with me and my class as we came through the wrong door to take pictures... I'm sorry Ms. Rubio, you were so nice to me even though I messed up big time. :)
  • Mrs. Oden for sharing her math lessons.
  • Mrs. Rutherford for helping me with strategy reading group articles.
  • Y. Bernal for sharing her revising/editing lessons with our team.
  • Frederick for taking the time to share the TEKS breakdown on our last test with the team.
  • Mrs. Hernandez for the BEST Book Fair Preview. It's always perfectly put together and I LOVE all the snacks. :)
  • Ms. Lawson and Mrs. Blake for staying so late problem solving with a student situation.
  • All 4th and 5th grade teachers, and small group administrators for their flexibility for our first round of benchmark testing.
  • Ms. Dickinson, Mrs.Ratzlaff, Mr. Reed, Mrs. S. Hernandez, Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Callahan, Mrs. Bigham, Mrs. Mederano, and Miss Musser for helping to monitor the hallways, bathrooms, and cafeteria during benchmarks. Again, your flexibility is greatly appreciated.
  • Mrs. Blake for assisting with testing material check-out, check-in, and materials organization.
  • Mrs. Kilam for the yummy snacks...they were much needed.
  • Shout out to Mr. Colon, Mr. Berg, Mr. Ledesma, Mrs. Troyer, Ms. Green, Mrs. Echevarria, Ms. Norton, Mrs. Kilam, Ms. Lawson, Mrs. Guerrero and the ACE staff for volunteering their Saturday to bring students to the UNT basketball game.

Remember- Birthday Celebration

  • If it is your birthday, stop by the office so we may give you your birthday sticker.
  • If your students are celebrating a birthday, also send them to the office, and we will give them their special sticker.

Happy February Birthday

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