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Science Department

The Science Department strives to produce scientifically literate students who can apply the principles of the scientific method to problem solving in all facets of their lives. The staff emphasizes the laboratory experience in the belief that students best learn problem solving through laboratory inquiry and the application of the scientific method. Teachers endeavor to instill in students an awareness of and an appreciation for their world so that they, as adults, may make informed choices for the preservation of the environment.

The Science Department recognizes the varying abilities and interests of the student population. By providing a variety of courses, the department strives to encourage the development of each student to his/her highest potential. Through utilization of community resources, written materials, and audio visual aids, staff members provide the student with information about the wide variety of careers and vocations available in this highly technological society.

The science student at Turner Ashby is able to select from a comprehensive and varied range of classes that are designed to meet his/her needs based on individual interests, career plans, and abilities.