Below is the winter newsletter of the 2021-2022 school year. Our guidance edition newsletters will be sent out three times a year to keep parents apprised of guidance information and events that are occurring within the department.

As we enter the end of the first semester, please know that your child's school counselor is here to support you and your child. School counselors provide a variety of services to all students such as personal counseling, academic advising, high school program planning, schedule changes, and college and career planning. If you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out; we are here to support you and your children, especially during these difficult times.

Please visit the Guidance Department website linked below for our school counselors contact information.


GUIDANCE NIGHT: Program Planning

Thursday, Jan. 20th, 6:30pm


Please join us for our guidance night on Thursday, January 20th at 6:30pm via Zoom. The topic to be discussed is program planning. Program Planning is WPHS’s course selection process. This evening, counselors will present new courses, explain the differences between Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and dual enrollment courses and discuss the course selection process at WPHS. This presentation will be presented in English and Spanish.

English Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 481 452 1794

Passcode: 2022

Spanish Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 923 1497 5026
Passcode: 971437


ATTENTION SENIORS!! Please check the scholarships list in Naviance regularly! To get there, log into your Naviance account and click on the "Colleges" tab, then click on "Scholarship list" then "Local & Regional Scholarships. As we receive scholarship applications, we add them to Naviance.

Click here for the link to the Local Scholarship packet.


It is not to late to complete your FAFSA!!!

FAFSA (this form is required by all colleges)


CSS PROFILE (this form is required by many but not all colleges)


Colleges Requiring the CSS Profile


NYS TAP Application:


Federal Guide to Financial Aid:


Sign up here for Financial Aid Workshops sponsored by NY State


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Friday, Jan. 28th, 7:45am

H- Cafe

This MOCK ACT is only for our juniors. To register, please go to www.applerouth.com/signup and enter code M468785.

WCC High School Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Westchester Community College in partnership with 21iQ Innovations, will be hosting a 12 week bootcamp for high school students to learn business essentials and the foundation to creating their own start up. Students will work in teams from conception to implementation, working with industry mentors.

Students will:

• Learn with industry mentors and speakers

• Learn the business pitch journey

• Make yourself real world and college ready

• Participate in pitch competitions with rewards

• Advance your personal growth

• Engage in fun interactive workshops!

If you are interested please click here to find out more information:


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Enrollment for Testing Accommodations on College Board/ACT Tests

Students who are granted testing accommodations on their IEP, 504, or Declassification Documents, about testing accommodations for College Board (SAT) and ACT are not automatically granted. Accommodations on these exams are granted by the organizations that administer the tests. If you are interested in applying for test accommodations through these organizations, we ask that you please research and familiarize yourself with the accommodation application process in its entirety. Both College Board and ACT have informative websites that provide detailed information regarding a variety of topics including: application deadlines/important dates; forms; eligibility criteria; documentation guidelines; taking the exam with accommodations; changing accommodations; appealing an eligibility decision; frequently asked questions; and helpful tips. We also recommend that you contact your child’s guidance counselor to further discuss the College Board/ACT application process after you have had an opportunity to review the College Board and/or ACT website. You are additionally welcome to contact College Board/ ACT directly to ask any questions that you may have regarding the application process.

College Board (PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests):


*Please note ACT and the College Board are private entities and may or may not grant a student the testing accommodations listed on his/her IEP, 504 or Declassification Document.

White Plains High School Program Planning Calendar

During the first week of February, counselors will be pushing into classes to review the Program Planning process.

February 7th to March 25th: Students meet one on one with their counselor to select courses for 2022-2023 school year. A few important program planning notes:

  • Students will choose core courses they would like to take for next year.
  • Students choose electives, which can be supplemental courses in the above departments and/or courses in business, the arts, music, technology or physical education.
  • Students must provide at least three elective choices in case we cannot schedule their first or second choice.
  • In addition to other elective choices, all juniors and seniors must provide three choices for P.E.
  • Students should make their selections carefully. Once they have put in a request for a course, if we are able to schedule it, they are obligated to take it.
  • Parents/Guardians should receive a copy of their child’s program planning sheet including all core and elective course requests. Please sign and return that form to your child’s counselor by March 25th.
  • If you disagree with a course that has been selected or have any questions, please call your child’s counselor.
  • If you wish to meet with your child’s counselor during program planning, please schedule an appointment.

*If your child has not brought home his or her program planning sheet for your signature by

March 25th, please call your child’s counselor.

Honors/Advanced Placement

WPHS provides access to honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to all students. Students currently in an AP or honors course may plan their academic program for the appropriate subsequent AP or honors course. Since honors and AP courses are rigorous, with increased expectations regarding the level of student work, conversations should take place between the student, parent, and school counselor to determine if placement in one or more of these courses is in the best interest of the student. Students will, however, still be required to have taken prerequisite courses where applicable. Please note that our dual enrollment courses taken for college credit from Westchester Community College, SUNY Albany, Syracuse University, Marist College and Rochester Institute of Technology have specific prerequisites which can be found in the course description.

Dual Enrollment Offerings at WPHS

Dual enrollment courses allow a student to simultaneously earn high school and college credit while exposing students to the rigor of a college level course. Students may take these courses just for high school credit and pay nothing. To earn the college credit, you must pay tuition to the college that we are partnering with, and the student must earn a C or better in the course for that credit to be transferrable to other colleges. The tuition that colleges charge for dual enrollment credit is far below what they would charge on campus. These courses offer students one of the most cost-effective ways to earn college credit while in high school. We strongly encourage your child to take advantage of the dual enrollment opportunity. Enrollment for college credit will occur in September during class. Some of our partner schools may provide tuition assistance for qualified students.

Below, is a short list of the benefits to students taking advantage of college credit in a dual enrollment course:

  • Less time required after high school to finish a college degree.
  • Exposes students to the rigor of a college level course
  • Dual enrollment classes often save students money on college tuition.
  • College credits acquired in a dual enrollment program are transferable to other colleges and universities besides the one where you had earned those credits.
  • Students can get core college courses like introductory English and Math classes out of the way in high school, making more room on your full-time college schedule for classes specific to your area of study.

If you or your child have any questions regarding dual enrollment options, please reach out to your child’s school counselor.

Check out the WPHS Course Catalog for the dual enrollment offerings!

White Plains High School Academic Coordinators


Social Studies

Mr. Douglas Cronk



Mr. Richard Dillon




Mr. Albert Laporte



World Languages

Ms. Lisa Panaro




Dr. Margaret Doty



Gap Year Fair @ Scarsdale High School

Thursday, Jan. 6th, 6pm

1057 Post Road

Scarsdale, NY

Join us in person for this Gap Year 101 presentation & gap year fair to get the most up to date information about planning a gap year. Whether you're dreaming of Spanish language immersion in Costa Rica, rock climbing in the American Southwest, or pursuing a virtual internship from the comfort of your living room, there are so many gap year options to choose from!

Learn the ins and outs of gap year planning from an expert gap year counselor, then speak directly to gap year program representatives, counselors, and gap year alumni at the fair. Both gap year counselors and gap year program providers will be available to speak with you directly and answer any questions you might have, like...

  • Who takes a gap year?
  • What gap year experiences might be the right fit for me?
  • When should I start planning my gap year?
  • Where can I actually go during my gap year?
  • Why are so many students taking gap time during COVID?

If you are interested in attending the Gap Fair at Scarsdale High please register using this link:



The Guidance Department at White Plains High School provides guidance and counseling services to all students from the time that they enter the high school until graduation. Guidance is a service function, which includes a series of planned and informal activities designed to assist students to understand themselves better, to cope with the normal problems associated with growing up, and to become contributing citizens. The goal of our program to help achieve a successful high school experience.

Guidance and counseling is, however, more than a program of activities. It is also a relationship that exists between a student and a guidance counselor. From grades nine through twelve, the guidance counselor advises and counsels students about the selection of courses, relationships with teachers and other significant adults, relationships with peers, extra-curricular involvement, career and post-high school planning, coping with pressures, tensions and the day-to-day problems of growing up in a complex, multi-faceted society.