Bill Gates the God of Technology

Bill Gates: The Computer Revolutionary

Jumping off point to success

“As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empowered others”)

Is it a coincidence that Bill Gates favorite/most played game as a child was “Risk” (the point of the game is world domination) and Monopoly?

Bill gates played these two board games in his earlier childhood which showed his level of competition and exceeding excellence.

Bill Gates is usually seen as an innovative visionary who brought upon a computer revolution. He’s known to be the most successful and wealthy entrepreneur of the 20th century. (“Bill Gates” Entrepreneur) Within a twenty-five year span by transforming an operation to a massive million-dollar project and in the midst gaining the “richest man in the world” title. The astonishing thing about this entire process is that he didn’t make it a necessity to invent new technology but, by taking existing technology and altering it to meet the needs of a specific market and then dominating that market. (“Bill Gates” Entrepreneur)

Beginnings to his computer revolution

Bill gates was showed an interest in computer programming at an early age (age 13). He grew up with three other siblings in an upper-middle class family that’s main goal was competition and to strive for excellence through all things. (Bill Gates Biography) showed his competitiveness as a child with putting together sports games and he was also enjoyed playing the two board games (Risk and Monopoly) that he excelled in which brings to his skilled mindset and the dedication to “go big” and over achieve on projects. Also, when he was younger he was highly into reading reference books and was excelled as a student. (Bill Gates Biography) So, his parents decided to put him into an exclusive prep school and excelled in all subjects. While attending Lakeside prep school he began working with one of his (soon to be close partners) Paul Allen, they shared a common interest in computers they started small and developed a computer program called “Traf-o-Data” (Bill Gates Biography) that monitors traffic patterns which they gained $20,000 and they continued as partners after graduating from college. With stating this you now re-evaluate the question in the beginning, and understand from simply having an interest in board games that led to being one of the wealthiest and innovative figures of the 21st century. (Bill Gates Biography)

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Level of importance

It wasn’t just an easy walk in the park for Bill Gates to make his name to the top of Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest people in America. (Bill Gates Biography) He was always focused on the position his company was at. He wanted to know exactly when there was competition approaching and what his employees needed to do win. (Bill Gates Biography) He had a high level of dedication to make his company not only the best but to hugely out-do everyone else, and he would go out his way to make sure his employees knew that as well. He would engage with his employees by consistently raising questions to keep them active while coming up with new ideas. (Bill Gates Biography) There did come a time when he ran into the problem of a break up of two divisions but, by his skilled mindset he was able to overcome this challenge by seeking a settlement. He also came up with creative ways to distract the tension with commercials and public appearances at computer trade shows. (Bill Gates Biography)

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Gates and his current accomplishments

While telling about his success from the start, other experts have stated that there are two sides of Bill Gates. One is a computer geek, the other is a driven businessman who has a natural instinct for the market. Having these two personalities in one person was helpful because, they were focused on selling software while Bill Gates main focus was setting the standards which was assisting the formation of the modern computer industry and will continue to influence the growth into the next century. (“Bill Gates” Entrepreneur) His innovation didn’t stop, he is currently working on new technology by the name of CRISPR which is changing how the human thinks about genetics and health. This technology is able for gene editing, it’s a tool that can physically cut out harmful mutations and turning genes on and off. This ranges from fighting off hereditary disease to boosting crop yields to engineering cows without horns. But, knowing the level of pain involved the suggestion hasn’t yet been figured out (Carlos Watson). Bill Gates will be a revolutionary and innovative figure for a lifetime even by the small ideas that he’s brainstormed. Which will be fortunate for people and the years to come!

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In conclusion we say that Bill Gates is one of the greatest, modern revolutionary figures. He has such a high level of dedication to making our cyber lives much better. He was not just a computer geek, but an outstanding business man as well. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been a part of making this project dedicated to the fantastic Mr. Gates. Our group hopes you young talented individuals appreciate this brilliant man as much as we do. We understand the hard work he has put in towards enhancing our cyber technology. Do not take the information we just anointed you with lightly, you just read about one of the most powerful men in the technology industry.
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