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International Day was a Success! Thank you to all the 2nd grade parents who volunteered their time and talents to make today so extraordinary! See photos below this post.

Thank You!

We would like to thank the parents who graciously made the class and snack and came to talk about their culture with our class. The students enjoyed the visits immensely.

On Monday, Pon's Mom, Aiko's Dad, Keene's Mom, and Tony's Mom brought in Thai jello, fried rice cakes, and shared many interesting things about Thailand. Thank you!

On Tuesday, Jame's and Josh's Mom and Dad brought trifle from Scotland, shared stories, and taught the class about the UK and Great Britain. Thank you!

On Wednesday, Dana's Mom made us German Waffles and shared many interesting things about Germany. Thank you!

On Thursday, Duru's Mom, made us Turkish flat bread and taught us about the history of Turkey Adriaan and Izzan's Mom made us sticky rice with chicken and Indonesian pastries; they also taught us about Indonesia. Thank you!


  • Tuesday, November 3 is the trial for late start (please read communication from ISB via parent portal.
  • Friday, November 6 is out of uniform day for our class

From Our Counselors

Dear parents, last week before the October holiday Ms. Kate, our counselor, and Mr. Stuart, our counselor intern came into our class and we’ve been learning about “Whole Body Listening.”

Listening is a fundamental skill for learning that helps children focus and pay attention. Following the listening rules helps children listen to their teacher and improve their ability to listen and pay attention during class discussions, and helps improve peer relationships.

Whole Body Listening is more than just hearing with the ears! We learned in class that we use our whole body for listening. When we talk to children about listening, it is important that we break down ALL components of listening. Many children hear various statements like “Show me good listening,” “Pay attention,” or simply, “Listen;” however, we often forget to explain what listening looks like to other people and feels like to the children themselves.

The 4 main listening rules are: 1) Eyes Watching, 2) Ears Listening, 3) Voice Quiet, 4) Body Still. Ask your child to show you the actions paired with of the 4 main listening rules. We also decided that there should be two other rules: Brain Thinking and Heart Caring.

When you talk about the concept of Whole Body Listening, be specific about which areas of listening you’d like your child to focus on, for example, “Sarah, I need you to listen and keep your body still.” Your child should have brought home a drawing of their body with labels of each body part that they need to help them with whole body listening so please ask them to explain this to you.

This month in classroom guidance lessons in PreK-Grade 5, the counselors will be teaching lessons about personal safety. This includes learning about what safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches mean, what the safety steps are, that secrets are not okay, and it is never too late to tell about a touching problem.

A letter will be coming home in Friday folders that will describe in more detail about the lessons, what will be covered, and the safety steps. This letter will also be posted in the Elementary E-news that goes out on Fridays via email. Please also plan on joining the parent training that will be held on November 18 at 8:00-9:00am and 6:30-7:30pm. This will be a more in-depth parent workshop that will cover our child safeguarding board policy and procedures. Please be on the lookout for more information about this.

Thank you for your support and partnership in keeping our students and children safe.


Your counselors

Ryan Ruhl, ES Psychologist and Counselor for PreK

Kate Kersey, Counselor for Kindergarten-Grade 2

Doug Williamson, Counselor for Grades 3-5

02 963 5800 Elementary Office e