Central African Republic

Physical Geography

The Central African Republic is a land locked country in the middle of Africa. Most of it is just a flat plateau that has hills scattered throughout the country. It is just a little bit smaller than Texas. In the north eastern it is dry and desert like. In the south it is mainly forest and other land. There is only 8 percent of arable land but there are many farmers.


When France and Germany took over Central African Republic they started the slave trade and human trafficking when they came. Even still today in Central African Republic there is human trafficking and sex trading. They move people, take people, and it is a destination for sex trades and human trafficking. The French had a big impact on them because Central African Republic's official language is French.

Ethnicity and Cultural Geography

The two main groups are Baya which make up 33 percent and Banda which make up 27 percent. There are only 5 million people in Central African Republic and most of them live in the three major cities like Bangui, Bimbo, and Mbaiki. The main religions are indigenous beliefs, protestant, and catholic, so there is a lot of differences in Central African Republic.

Current events

Future Problems

  1. Some problems that they have is that over half of the country is starving. Most of them are starving because Central Africa Republic is one of the countries in Africa that is not developed and they don't have enough arable land to grow crops and food.
  2. Another problem is that there are an estimated of 135,000 people that have HIV/AIDS and has killed 9,000 adults. It is also very easy to be infected by some type of disease by body fluids, airborne infections, and direct contact.
  3. The literacy rate there is 36 percent and the average time you go to school is 7 years so that can be challenging. Some kids instead of going to school, they work. 50 percent of kids from ages 5-14 are working, that is about 532,000 kids working all over the country.


In Central African Republic there are many special species that live there and even in some of the countries parks. One special animal is the black rhinoceros that is endangered and very rare to see. It also has many cheetahs, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Other endangered species are the African elephants, African golden cat, and the grey parrot.