Friday Late night!

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Another week gone by!

I am finally in my PJs and am excited to be wrapping up another week!

I had a trunk show this morning and everyone was feeling the same energy of warmer weather coming soon! Spring is officially here! YES! Spring is about new beginnings! How are you feeling about your spring calendar?

I am such a NUMBERS girl (and stop laughing for those of you who already know this about me!). I actually graphed our team's sales year over year. There are 2 huge POPs for the year! Do you know when? Drumroll, drumroll......

Yes-- the Holidays (Oct/Nov/Dec) are # 1.

But did you know that that springtime is our 2nd best quarter of the year?!?

If you have felt Old Man Winter dragging you down, kiss him good-bye, as we are walking into a FANTASTIC season.

During an average month, I hold 4-6 trunk shows. For April, I want 10+! Why? Because I am striking when the iron is hot and spring is a hot selling season!

Are you a stylist who holds 1 trunk show a month, or even 1 a quarter? Well, this is a great season for you to jump into action!

What is your average show calendar look like? I challenge you to double it!

So, let's put our booking goggles on and begin filling your calendar! We will be SO glad that we did!


Some special ladies need a round of applause:

  • Welcome Nicole Warner, Amanda Bobb, Jillian Wells and Lassie Pappas who have all joined our team in the past 2 weeks!
  • Congrats Pam Meester who has sold nearly $5000 during her Jump Start and still have 10 days left. I wonder how she will be spending her nearly $600 in free product credit?!?
  • Yeah Jeri Bowden who is kick starting her business again this spring! She is already qualified this month, with more shows on her calendar! Woo-hoo!
  • Is $1430 a lucky number? Apparently so with Gretchen McDonel and Monica Mutschler! Check out their current sales for the month below! One of you should be playing the lottery, lol! Incredible sales, ladies!
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Last week's booking contest!

We blitzed for 1 week and added 19 trunk shows to our overall team's show calender!

Congrats to everyone who warmed up a contact, reached out and booked shows! And if you didn't book a show yet, don't worry. Keep planting those seeds and your efforts will sprout!

The winner of the $50 gift card is....


Gail added 4 trunk shows to her calendar in 1 week! WAY TO GO GAIL! Please let me know which store is your store of choice and a $50 gift card will be heading your way!

Brighten Your Life in Philly and NYC!

In my almost 4 years of being a stylist, Jessica Herrin has yet to come to Philadelphia. That is, until this upcoming Monday! I am so super excited for this hands-on training! I am so excited that I am hopping on the train on Wednesday to follow Jessica & Anita to NYC for a 2nd dose of their awesomeness. So far there are 10 of us attending these events, with a few more hoping to come.

It's still not too late! This training is open to EVERYONE!

  • I'm heading to Philly on Monday, March 24th.
  • I'm heading to NYC on Wednesday, March 26th.

Some of us are meeting for lunch before each event.

Let me know if you can meet us! Link below with all of the information!

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina

ps- Look for another exciting contest coming your way this week!

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