Math Stations 5.MD.1

April 4th-8th

Center 1- Ten Marks

Complete the 4th Quarter Assessment. Then complete BOTH of the ten marks assignments.

- 5.MD.1 Classifying Units

- 5.MD.1 Convert Customary Units

Center 2 -Measurement of the Day sheet.

Complete the worksheet located at the front of the room. Make sure you fill out the sheet completely. Turn in to the green bucket. This will be for a grade.

Center 3- IXL

Complete the following IXL's Y.5, Y.6, Y.11, Y.12, Y.17. Complete until you reach 90%.

*****If you finish early go back and try for 100%.

Center 4- Task Cards

Complete the task cards around the room. Put your work in your math notebook. There are 8 of them. We will check this on Friday!

Center 5- Work with Mrs. King :)

We will look at different types of converting measurements. Bring your pencil and notebook when called to group.

Center 6- Moby Max

Complete 20 minutes of Moby Max. You need to work on the lessons and NOT the games. If you finish the station early you may go back and play the games.

Metric system

Complete the educannon clip with the questions.

metric system