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News from Room 215 for the week of September 22

Tisch's Tidbits

Words Their Way a.k.a. spelling/phonics

Last week we all worked on the same list so everyone could focus on learning the sorts, games, and activities. An informational sheet came home today explaining the different activities the kids can do at home. We have practiced them at here at school, but I wanted you to understand what it is expected. Tests will be held on Fridays and will consist of some of the words from the word sort along with some words that follow the phonetic pattern but will not be part of the weekly sort. The purpose of this is to see if there is carryover and if the kids really understand the skill. If your child is successful, they will move onto the next skill. Please let me know if you have any questions. One of the activities not on the list is just a regular sort where the place the words under the correct headings. All of the children are once again working on the same skill this week which is plurals. Since this is our grammar skill of the week, it tied in nicely. Please be sure the words come back to school each day as we will be using them throughout the week.

Reading Logs
This week is a big week as your child will not only have spelling/word sorts, but a reading log, too! There are five questions per week to be answered. We have practiced each of the questions here in class and I have modeled it for the kids. They know to use evidence from what they read along with complete sentences. The sentences should make sense and be detailed. A rubric is included so this way the kids know exactly how they will be graded. Reading logs will come home on Mondays and will be due the following Monday. I have the kids complete reading logs to help them think about what they are reading along with practicing their writing skills. The first reading log came home today. The children can continue to read the same book (usually a chapter book) throughout the week or they can read something new. As long as it is a fiction book this week. Some of the kiddos brought home books from my own personal library (indicated with a sticker on the book saying it belongs to Mrs. Tisch or Miss Rhoton. I'm happy to share these, but please have your child bring it back to school so other children can enjoy them.


The Jog-A-Thon was a huge success! Some kids ran over 20 laps which is amazing! The weather was great, and we had a ton of fun. All pledges are due on Friday. Thanks for the wonderful parents who attended or donated!

Book Fair

Believe it or not, the book fair is around the corner. It certainly could not be possible without the help of our amazing parents! Again, the link to volunteer is on the SGE website, even if it's only for an hour.


So I have rethought how we are going to research our animals. Most of the kids have books here at school about their animal. If they don't have one, it would be good if they did so maybe a trip to the public library could be on your agenda. :) Each child has a file folder to keep all of their information and goodies they collect. Feel free to research and send in anything you find that would include:


-life cycle




If your child needs additional information, I will let you know. I thought this might be easier than trying to send in different bits of information each week. Please send this information in throughout this week so it's hear for your child as we research. I'm here if you have any questions.

Box Tops
The Box Top competition will begin on the 29th and will end on October 10! Even thought these are the official dates, I collect Box Tops all year long so feel free to send them in any time during the year. Our school earns 10 cents per Box Top which really add up when all 471 students bring them to school! Thanks so much for your help.

Class Do Jo

Have you heard of this from your little cutie yet? We have been using classroom money so this is basically replacing the physical dollars. It is done on a website/app where I can add points for great things or take away points. The kids and I came up with a reward list so once a child earns enough points, they can "purchase" a reward such as eating where they want at lunch time or using the teacher's chair for the day. It's basically virtual shopping! The kids love hearing a ding because they know someone (or maybe everyone in the class!) earned a point! I rolled this out to the kids on Thursday and they have been really excited about it! So if you hear about earning points or purchasing a reward, this is what they are talking about.


September 17-Jog-A-Thon fundraiser from 1:00-3:00

September 26-pledges are due/Colts Spirit Day

September 29-October 10 Box Top Competition

October 2-Dine for Dollars at Carolina Grill

October 8-Walk to School Day!

October 9-PTO meeting

October 9, 10, 13, 14-Book Fair

October 14-Mom's Muffins at 8:15 a.m.

April 13-16-Spring Book Fair

Lots of Learning!


story problem strategies

-parts/total number stories

-change number stories

-comparison number stories


Genre: Informational Text

Text: Riddles/National Geographic Magazine

-Main Idea & Details

-Literal/Non literal meanings


hare-a type of mammal closely related to a rabbit

hair-threadlike strands that grow from the skin of a person or animal

heard-the past tense of hear

herd-a group of large animals

literal-having to do with the exact meaning of words

pollution-the act or result of putting harmful substances in the air or water


-how to make nouns plural and what to look for: irregular, changing y to i


-finding ideas and writing up a storm

Life Lines



Word of the Week


New Family Survey

The link below is a survey for students and parents who are new this year to Stonegate. We would love to hear from you! Please let Mrs. Cox know if you have any questions.