McClure Newsletter

March 2021

Word of the Month: Kind

Mustang Families,

Spring is a time for renewal and new life, for our students and families spring will bring many new changes. Please make sure that your address, email address, and phone numbers are updated. We will be sending a lot of communication using all three of these. March 1 begins hybrid learning for our K-2 students and March 15 for our 3-5 students. You can also visit our website for up-to-date information Please call our office if you have any questions about your child's cohort (group) or schedule. We have been busy preparing to open school and are looking forward to seeing all of you!

In-Person Hybrid Learning: What to Expect When Going Back to School
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What books do McClure students recommend?

WOW!!! This has been an amazing month for the Kid's Heart Challenge!!

Our students have been learning about how to help their hearts be more healthy and also help other kids who might have heart problems. Please ask your child to show you how big a heart is and what they learned this month about hearts and exercise. Are you ready to hear how much they raised?

42 students have raised over $3344 and more might come in today as I am

writing this information.

Here is a list of names of the students who raised the money. They are so appreciated

for the work that they have done to help kids with heart problems.

Juan S. Deklin G. Madison H. Faith L. Ayden H. Jade D. Brooklyn M.

Jude L. Jazzlyn B. Rubi D. Jonah B. Alex B. Marcus E. Brooklyn P.

Elias R. Fiona G. Dalilah G. Mason L. Mollie L. Julia L. Abagael E.

Kathrine W. Malaikai C Colin S. April B. Elias B. Allegra H. Lola M. Gavin B

Emily M. Brezlin C. David M Maite E. Juan G.C. Alijah R. Aaron L

Christopher L Eli C. Maricellla O. Diego S. Samuel G A. Daniel G. A

Sofia V. Maddox C, Neveah C. Mason C. and Michael C.

Thanks to all who participated no matter if you were able to raise money

or not. We are part of a team, the McClure Mustangs and all of you and your families

deserve the RECOGNITION!!!!

Mrs. Pruchinsky :O)