Friday Coffee Chat

Team Glowing Stones

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April 24th, 2015

Do you ever hold back in sharing your excitement about Stella & Dot because you're worried about what people will think? I know I have. When I began this business I was so shy about talking about it. I thought people would think of me as that 'crazy jewelry lady' or that I was just sharing because I wanted them to buy something.

And were there people like that? Yep. Are there still people out there that think that of me? You bet. But now ask me if I care! (Of course I don't.)

So what's changed? Maybe it's time that has made me wiser. In my five years of business, I've realized that there are so many more people that look at what I'm doing with respect than those who are rolling their eyes. There will always be those nay-sayers, but why spend my time on them when there are so many others that are yay-sayers?!

What if we all adopted this as our attitude for the last week of the month? What if we reached out to customers to share the #sdjoy with reckless abandon, and not worried about what they thought of us? I think it would be really liberating, don't you?

With our sign-up special ending on 4/30, it's actually kind of rude NOT to share it. Think about what you love about your S&D journey and start with that! I love the 3C's formula of sharing: "You might think I'm CRAZY but you're so stylish (give a COMPLIMENT) - I'm CONFIDENT you'd love doing what I do with Stella & Dot!"

It's that simple. Share that far and wide and I promise you good things will come from it. Less thinking more doing.

And for those that don't like ripe and juicy peaches? Their loss. :)

Give it up for these gals who are spreading sponsoring seeds like crazy!

Top in Sales for the week!

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Introducing the FLIP FOR 500 challenge!

Every $500 you sell from April 20th through April 30th will earn you one entry to win a pair of super cute Tory Burch flip flops!

I've printed out a snapshot of where everyone is in sales as of 4/20 so I'll be tracking this for you. (If you want to know where you were, email me!) Every $500 you add to your current sales total will get you one entry!

Plenty of you have shows left so you will really be racking up the entries! If you don't have any shows left - no worries! Check into our team Facebook page daily - each day I'll be posting a Flip for 500 tip to get you going and keep you on point!

And don't forget...May is #beyourbest month!

Did you hear? The Glam Goldies, led by Heather Krout, (which we Glowing Stones are a part of) are shooting to be a Star Director team this May! This is a REALLY REALLY big deal - in fact, there are less than 20 Star Director teams in the entire company. AND - our CEO, Jessica Herrin, comes to visit those Star Director teams when they promote! How cool would that be?!

Head to the Glam Goldies Facebook page and declare your #beyourbest goal for May! Lots of prizes and fun to be had if you beat it. Let's band together and make May our best month yet!!!!

Krista Demcher

Senior Director - The Glowing Stones