By S S


  • Classification-mammalian
  • Fur is black and white. Has a large white head with black ears and black circles around the eyes. From arm to arm and across the chest is black. The pandas legs are black too. The rest of the body was white.
  • Pandas could grow to up to 5-6 feet in length and about 4 feet high. Usually grows to a weight of 200-300 pounds.

Food Chain and Habitat

  • main source of food is bamboo
  • also eats apples, watermelon, fish, and other small animals
  • most of wild population lives in the bamboo forest on upper mountain slopes of China
  • home range very small


  • 99% of of a pandas diet is vegitarian but is classifed as a carnivore
  • The panda eats 16-20 kg a day 4500 kg a year
  • spends 16 hours a day eating

Reasons for Endangerment

  • humans are cutting down forest to build urban cizilization
  • in the past people would eat pandas
  • before pandas was classifed as endangered, hunters would hunt pandas for a game.