Revolutionary war

Trent Jorgensen


Have you heard of the Revolutionary war. The one fight for our independence to freedom where brave general George Washington (also are first president) led are brave armies. do you want to know more well here you can.

Order of presentation

In this written response you will learn about The Boston tea party, the Sugar act, the Intolerable acts, and the Boston Massacre. It will also tell you about who Militia/Minutemen were and what they did.

The Boston tea party

One of the events leading up to the Revolutionary war was the Boston tea party. Before the attack happened The Sons of Liberty organized the attack and were lead by Sam Adams. Over 5,000 people showed to decide what to do about the tea. After deciding The Boston tea party then took place on a winter night in December 16 1773 It occurred at 7:00 to 10:00 pm. What happened that night was a political protest with about 160 of the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped 342 chests of tea into the ocean and when they were done they also threw their shoes so that they couldn't be convicted of the crime. The whole reason they did this is because Tea act that gave East India trading company to trade without paying taxes that made other importers furious and protest (led by Samuel Adams of course). They then decided to quit paying taxes but the governor got mad at this and refused to let three ships leave without paying taxes. I believed this influenced the war to grow because the Colonist were furious about the tea tax and the British were also furious because thousands of euros of tea was dumped into the water and wasted. This act also made a lot of upcoming events happen some in the Intolerable acts.

Sugar act

April 5 1764 was the day when the law was passed. The Sugar Act was an upgraded version of the Molasses Act. It gave Britain the freedom to further expand the taxes on trading other trading goods other than molasses. Although it lowered the tax on molasses it made other goods such as sugar, certain wines, coffee, pimiento, cambric and printed calico, and further, regulated the export of lumber and iron get taxed. The whole reason this happened is because after the French and Indian war the king realized that the Colonies needed protection and decided to bring 10,000 troops so that they could protect the Colonies and his land. However the king was broke at this time so he decided to make a bunch of taxes on trading goods such as molasses one of these taxes was the sugar act. This then made the colonist furious witch lead to more violent acts and overall war against Britain

Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable acts were a series of laws passed by parliament. They were passed and executed in 1774. Some of the intolerable acts were. Closed the port of Boston until tea from Boston tea party was paid for, altered the Massachusetts charter to ban town meetings, replaced the elected council with an appointed one, increased the governor's power over Colonies, and protected British officials accused of crimes in the colonies from being tried by colonists. The Intolerable acts were made to mostly punish the Colonies for there actions specifically the Boston Tea party

Boston Massacre

Monday, March 5th 1770 at 9pm

Boston 13 Colonies King street

The Boston Massacre was a riot that turned into a civilian shooting. Where a crowd of colonist attacked 5 British soldiers who opened fired (because they were both mad and scared) killing 5 colonist and injuring an unknown other (said to have been 3). The whole reason this happened was because of growing tension between the Colonies and Britain since Royal troops first appeared in Massachusetts in October 1768 to enforce the heavy tax burden. This just made the Colonist and the British hate each other more involving more colonist to join the revolution and sending more troops to the Colonies from Britain.


The MIlitia and the Minutemen were two different things. Militia were men in arms formed to protect their towns from foreign invasion. The Minutemen however was a small handpicked elite force who were required to be highly mobile and able to assemble quickly. Minutemen were picked from the Militia. The men were 25 years or younger and were picked because of their reliability, physical strength, and enthusiasm. One quarter of the Militia were Minutemen and they were always first for battle. This definitely helped the Colonist in the war because it was a easy and fast way to get in battle in case of British attack.


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