AVID fall semester exam

Maria Guerrero 1-11-16 grade 7


Cornell notes have helped me a lot this year. Learning how to take notes really changed my style of studying. The way it's organized and how the main ideas are highlighted, got me really organized and I improved In many different classes and studying now a days isn't as difficult as it was before.



TRF's helped me a lot this semester.By working my problem out and breaking the question down helped me many times. Whenever I need help on a problem, I ask my teacher or a friend, but sometimes I don't understand by what they mean. TRF's have helped realize what my friends and teachers mean and has helped me out of a lot of sticky situations.



Tutorials have help me better understand my questions. Whenever the TRF's don't help me out,I go to tutorials.Where my group helps me solve the question and I get a better understanding of it. The reason I like tutorials is because some people know different strategies to solve the question.This helped out a few times whenever there's a test review question I need help on.I can always go to tutorials for help.



Organization has helped me ALOT this semester. Before I have joined AVID. My binder was always a mess. There were a lot of papers in the front pocket, nothing was in order, and every time I dropped my binder. It always took a long time to put them back in.This class has taught how organization is important and how to always keep organized.


writing skills

I never knew writing skills were so important. This semester in AVID,I learned a lot of new writing strategies. I sometimes got bad grades in English,for my poor writing skills, AVID has helped me change that. We sometimes did essays and different writing prompts in class. Doing this has helped me get a better understanding when writing an essay or story.


public speaking

This subject has helped me a lot when doing presentations. Before I joined AVID,I always got nervous when doing a presentation. I never knew public speaking has so many steps. This has got me through presentations. My grades are now more improved now that I use these steps and I don't get nervous as I used to.


what will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

what will I do for next semester. I will try to be more organized with my binder and notes. Because even though they are organized,I want to improve them. My notes are not really neat nor is my binder. I sometimes have trouble looking for papers and for my notes I sometimes can not read my own handwriting. Because I sometimes rush,but this semester,I will do what I need to do in order to accomplish my goal, by slowing down on taking notes and taking time to organize my binder.