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WRE Faculty and Staff - Week of September 28

Welcome, October!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week and wonderful beginning to the month of October!
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Staff Highlight

Mrs. Stohner had an excellent genre launch in her 6th grade ELAR classes! Love seeing her board focusing on fiction and the vocab words with pictures. A great strategy for teaching vocab for everyone, especially our ELL kiddos!
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Staff Shout Outs

- Kirby Young - an anonymous teacher wanted to give this Kinder teacher a shout out for being so flexible and having such an amazing attitude during her first year! She is working so hard and doing a GREAT job with her students!! Way to go Kirby!

- Jen Walker - for always stepping up to the plate to help out when staff members are absent or going through difficult times! She is always willing to pitch in and help where she can, and we ALL appreciate it!

- Donna Lopez - Donna always make sure we all get what we need and goes above and beyond! She is always there to take care of her coworkers and is SO appreciated. Donna, you are a VITAL member of our team at WRE!

- Last but definitely not least, Sarah Renkes - quite a few staff members have emailed (anonymously) about how helpful Sarah has been to them this year! She has been super helpful to her new teammates, as well as the whole staff, and is VERY appreciated! Thanks for never complaining and always helping everyone out!!

Grade Level Planning

This week at grade level planning, we will be specifically discussing our ELL students and meeting with our wonderful new ESL teacher, Susanne Webb! We will also be talking about sub plans and sub arrangements and making sure everyone is on the same page about being absent.

We will also discuss plans for next week and how we can work to make the concepts being taught comprehensible to the least proficient student in your class. With the other things being discussed, this will probably not take the majority of our time, so we will continue this discussion at future GLP meetings as well!

Staff Meeting - Thursday

Come to staff meeting on Thursday ready to hear about small groups and get ideas for making small groups more effective, how to track progress in your groups, and some great station/centers/what the other kids are doing ideas! More info to come!
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