Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Nov. 17-21st

Tidbits From the Teacher

We have so much going on that we're almost running around like Turkeys at Thanksgiving!! There are several tidbits that I'm supposed to remind you about so please make sure that you know about these items:

  • Cold tolerance and appropriate dress/shoes: We will go outside if the temp or wind chill is 35 or higher. We'll use National Weather Service as our guide.
  • Book orders: We have an online book order from Scholastic available until Nov. 30th. You can order from the warmth of home and during the holidays! Scholastic Link (class code is GZMHJ- look for the yellow parent choice)
  • Reading comprehension data- My reading class is beginning to collect data as we learn to use reading strategies and work through the mysteries of STAAR practice. We are monitoring how using our strategies can help us improve our scores. I am only grading for strategies used right now. We are LEARNING how to read passages using test taking strategies. This is a gradual skill and there will be ups and downs. IF I AM CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHILD- I will email you!! Promise.
  • Room Parent Page- Karen Vest, our room parent, has a page on the website. Please check it out to see information she wants to share with you.
  • Holiday Meals per grade level- Since our school is too large to have everyone in the cafeteria for holiday meals, the grade levels have been split. K, 2, and 5 eat their meal on Nov. 18th. First, 3rd, and 4th will eat their holiday meal on Dec. 4th. Since it's not our day this month, we will be eating in our classroom to give more room to the grade levels having holiday meal day. Please DO NOT JOIN US on Nov. 18th!! Our room will be crowded with third grade lunch goers. Thank you!!

Dates to Remember

Nov. 18th: Thanksgiving Meal for K, 2nd and 5th only!

**Our turn is next month! Please don't plan on eating with us this day. We're eating in our room to free up tables in the cafeteria for the K, 2nd, and 5th graders having guests for the meal.

Nov. 19th: "Wind in the Willows" Field Trip (no $$ or chaperones needed, just permission)

Nov. 20th: Progress Reports go home. We also have a BENCHMARK test in Reading.

Nov. 21st: Mrs. C is absent- Mrs. Salman is my sub!!

Nov. 24-28th: Thanksgiving Holiday Week Off!!

Dec. 4th: HOLIDAY MEAL for 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders! Make plans to come eat with us if you can!! We'll have TONS of room that day.

Dec. 13th: PTA Candyland

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We are working on reading plays this week and will have a Reading Benchmark Test. This test is NOT for a grade but the score will be reported so you can see it when looking at grades. We will use this information to determine areas we need to spend more time learning about. The test will occur on Thursday and students will be given 4 hours to complete it. This is done to work on stamina and to expose the children to the STAAR-like expectations to help them work through any worries or wonderings they have about that test in April.

Writing: We will work on setting goals for writing using a piece of writing that was scored by the third grade teachers.

Grammar/Spelling/Handwriting: There will be no spelling this week. We continue to learn cursive letters each week. This week we will work on a variety of grammar pieces that we have explored in the past.

Math: This week we are working on place value to 10,000. We'll use number lines, games, and problem solving skills to work on this much used concept.

Social Studies/Science: We are finishing up our travels to different communities and then we'll take time to revisit Thanksgiving facts.