Equally Human


This is a world where everyone is equally human. There will be no racism. Everyone in this world will be able to be their own person with their own opinions that will not be ignored.

Reason for Existance

It is 2014 and there is still constant racism whether it is a police incident or a fight at school there is still racism and I have had enough of it. This utopia is a place where there is NOT any racism of any kind. If you want everyone to have equal opportunities of success and if you would like to have your own opinion and be your own person please join!!!

Community Members

Anyone who would like to join is able to as long as there is not any violence that the person wants to commit.

  • don't insult anyone
  • no racism
  • do not commit crime
If you are committing crimes we will have to ask you to leave the Utopia.

American Dreams and Novels

The American Dream is a national ethos with a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success. My utopia matches this because we are all about being individuals with freedom and we will all have the equal opportunity for success no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, race is.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

This utopia is definitely different than Fahrenheit 451 because in my Utopia people are able to think and be their own person whether they love basketball or if they are a total bookworm we support everyone because they are all human no matter what race, size, or religion. In F451 everything was run by technology and technology really ran their life in Equally Human we do have a lot of technology but their jobs, family, and happiness run their lives.


Because we are all humans we do have conflicts but instead of violence and taking our anger out with racism words we will work it out with our new conflict room which is a conference room where we can all work out our problems with compromise and open mindedness.
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