Andrew Jackson: Fair or Unfair

Our 7th President- Avery Robinson

Spoils System

The Spoils System is when supporters of winning candidates are reward with government jobs. Andrew Jackson is the first to use the spoils system on a large scale. In his first year of presidency he replaced 9% of people in office. By the time his terms were over he replaced 20% in office.

Info: Mr Van Duyne. "Andrew Jackson and the Spoils System.",n.d. Web.

Trail of Tears

Jackson didn't mind that the people in Georgia were harassing the Natives. In fact, he pushed the Natives out of their amazing land to less desirable land. The walk to their new destination was brutal. Small children lost their parents and siblings on the way. 4,000 people died on the way to Oklahoma, they lost their lives to disease, cold, and hunger.

Andrew jackson Political Cartoons

Nullification Crisis

The Tariff of Abomination is what started it all. For the North it was a good deal, but the South, not so much. Especially North Carolina, they threatened to secede from the U. S. Congress passed the Force Bill that forced them to pay the taxes and if they didn't pay it Jackson would invade South Carolina. To avoid conflict, South Carolina agreed to pay a lower tariff.

Letter to Editer #1

I'm from the North and I enjoy Andrew Jackson. The tariff wasn't that big of a deal I'm fine with paying it. What's happening with the Natives aren't really my problem but I feel bad about it. I don't know what the South Carolina government was thinking when they threatened to secede. I don't know why te southern states were so upset about the tariff.

Letter to Editor #2

I'm from the south and I can't stand Jackson, I don't want to pay that tariff. I refuse to pay a tax on imported goods just to protect the north. The land that we discovered is ours not the Natives, I'm happy they are being pushed out of our area. I completely understand why South Carolina government is trying to secede but I hope things don't get out of hand.