Epithets and Epic Similies

Thais Olivero

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Modern Epithet

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's famous title of "Queen Bey" demonstrates the power of modern epithets. Because of Beyoncé's influence over her followers, her title alludes to the "queen bee" of a hive. Much like regular bees obey their queen bee, Beyonce's fans mirror and respect Beyoncé's actions. The epithet represents Beyoncé's earned position as a social influencer.

Modern Epic Simile

Behaving like an unbothered monarch, Queen Bey merely waved her scepter and commanded her fans, who bowed down and instantly submitted to her wishes. The epic simile depicts Beyoncé's leadership position and her supporter's willingness to follow her. The simile exaggerates the actions of both Beyoncé and her fans in order to emphasize her influence over them.