Food Shortages in the South

Family's everywhere are starving.

What Happened to All the Food

The war has created many problems for people in the south. Most men are away fighting in the war so they cannot grow food at their farms. The slaves were also gone so they could not work in the fields either. That is not the only cause of all this hunger though, most money goes into paying for weapons for the soldiers in the army. So because of this, not many people can afford to buy food or get it.

How Hungry are the People

Food! Food! Food!

Women in the south could not get enough food to feed themselves and their family's and this was happening everywhere at the time. Then riots broke out at bakeries just so people could get one loaf of bread to appease their hunger or get the food for their kids. All were malnourished and starving, but storming the bakeries wasn't such a good idea because soon afterwards the president Jefferson Davis came and ordered them to disperse or be shot.