A Farewell To Band

By David Nguyen

My Accomplishments In Band

In my band experience I accomplished many things to better myself as a musician and as a person. I learned to multitask, to not procrastinate and to be patient. Throughout my years in band I've made superiors and even got an award for outstanding ensemble. We never failed to do good during our concerts because through Mrs. Kahler's conducting we learned everything we could in the short amount of time we had together as the Tidwell Titan Wind Ensemble.

A Last Goodbye

What Happens Next Year?

Though I am not continuing on with band I still play guitar and I hope to transfer all that I have learned to the guitar and hopefully start a small band with a group of my own friends. If I ever do make enough money I want to buy my own saxophone so that I can still keep it as a hobby. The reason I quit is because band is starting to feel more like a job than something for fun so I just want to take a break from it. Once I pick the saxophone back up I hope it will be as fun as it once was.

What I've Learned

I had a great band experience. Some of my greatest memories came from band. I remember going to water parks and just having a blast. Like when we wrestled in pools, went down huge slides, and even surfed at Hurricane Harbor. I learned that it's ok to be yourself in band because in the end we're all just a bunch of friends looking for somewhere we fit in.

Advice for Anyone

Don't be afraid to admit that you were wrong. In the end it will work out but be patient because everything that is good takes time. Don't ever discriminate against someone. Just because someone may not play the instrument or can't do the same things as you doesn't mean that you are any better or that they are any worse than anyone in this room. We are humans. We make mistakes. But we learn from our mistakes and we better ourselves. I hope that band works out better for all of you than it has for me. Enjoy your time here because it doesn't last forever.