6th Grade News

February 8th - 12th

Parents -

Important dates and information are below:

Middle School - Middle School Enrollment forms are due this Friday, February 12. Open houses are next week

Northside: Thursday, February 18th at 6:00pm

Central: Wednesday, February 17th at 5:00pm

Parent / Teacher Conferences - Conferences will be held this week. If you have questions/concerns about your conference, or need to reschedule, please e-mail us!

Friendship Dance - Date: Friday, February 12, Cost = $8.00. Please click on the box below to sign up for donations and volunteer slots. All proceeds go to the Chicago Trip.

Staff / Student Game AND Paw Pack - Wednesday, February 24h, will be the INFAMOUS Staff /Student game. We will be having a Paw Pack after school that day. Papers will be coming home tomorrow regarding the event. THIS IS ONE OF THE YEAR'S HIGHLIGHTS. Please make provisions for your student to participate. This will be one memory they talk about for years to come!! :)

Valentine's Day - We will be having a Valentine's Day party on Friday, February 12th. If you would like to send in snacks, you may.

Well - that is all for this week. Please click on the boxes below to follow this week's curriculum, conference, and dance information.

Thanks everyone!

Laura Burbrink and Leslie Albright

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