Lower Moreland Twp. School District

Athletics & Activities Winter Wrap Up

LMTSD District Personnel

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Scott Davidhesier

Principal of Lower Moreland High School: Mr. Bill Miles

Principal of Murray Avenue School: Ms. Jennifer Dilks

Principal of Pine Road Elementary School: Mr. Scott Cole

Director of Athletics and Activities: Mr. Matthew Heiland

Athletic Trainer: Mr. Scott DeLange

Faculty Managers: Mr. Matt Crouch & Ms. Kristy Hutchinson

Message from the Athletic Director

The winter season was full of starts and stops. We were slated to begin back on the Friday before Thanksgiving, when Montgomery County put a halt on all extra curricular activities for a two week period. This pushed our season back to December 7th. Well, then shortly after that a 3 week state shutdown occurred, which paused us until the new year. Our athletes and coaches did a phenomenal job of handling the adversity and lack of consistency.

I must thank the entire LMTSD School Board of Directors and Dr. Davidheiser for approving our plans to put together a season for our approximately 200 athletes this winter. Secondly, I must thank our coaches, who made a lot of sacrifices this past winter season to help give our student athletes some sort of a season.

I also would like to thank the parents and guardians of our athletes. We asked that you make sacrifices, wear masks, not travel to away games, and socially distance yourselves from your friends. You understood the protocols that were in place and did your best to follow them, allowing our athletes to continue their seasons this year.

I think as we close the chapter on this winter season and we progress into the final third of our sports season, we must continue to carry on with our strict safety procedures that were in place through both the fall and winter.

As we approach our spring season, we are getting into the part of the year in which our season was completely shut down last year. As our student athletes experienced last year, there was a group of seniors who were unable to don the blue and gold again. We have a number of athletes who still are hoping to get their final seasons in this year and create a number of opportunities for themselves, both here and at the next level.

Unlike the prior two season, in which we allowed a bit more flexibility in our schedules out of precaution, the Suburban One League is moving full steam ahead this spring. Since this group of athletes lost everything last year, we want to maximize their opportunities on the field this year. This is one of the reasons why following the protocols that are in place are so important, because any type of shutdown will impact our teams greatly this spring.

My goal continues to be the same since back in July. That is to give our student athletes in grades 7-12 some sort of opportunity to play games with their classmates. I am not concerned with wins and losses or whether or not we made playoffs or not. I simply want to make sure our kids have the opportunity to play, because as we continue to learn, we can not take anything for granted in these uncertain times.

I hope you enjoy the recap of the winter season and the important information with regards to the spring sports season here at Lower Moreland. Go Lions!

A Tribute to Forrest Keys

On February 20th the Lower Moreland community began to get word on the tragic passing of former student athlete Forrest Keys. Forrest was an integral part of our football and basketball programs during his four years at LMHS. Many of you may have heard about Forrest in the days after this tragic event and all about his phenomenal work ethic, his attitude, and probably his most incredible attribute, his loyalty.

Forrest was a kind and humble person who made our school community a better place. He left a lasting impact on many of his teammates, coaches, classmates, & teachers. Our hope is to find different ways in which we can keep Forrest's high characteristics on the forefront of our athletic programs here at Lower Moreland High School. Below you will see an article written in our Lions Roar virtual student newspaper.

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SOL Winter All League Selections

Freedom Division First Team All League

Sam Becker : (200 Yd. Freestyle) & (500 Yd. Freestyle)

Sue Bin Park : (200 Yd. IM ) & (100 Yd. Breaststroke)

Sam Becker - Sue Bin Park - Melanie Hwan - Emily Vaidyan (400 Yd. Freestyle Relay)

Noah Ferker : (200 Yd. Freestyle) & (100 Yd. Freestyle)

Jude Blumhardt : (50 Yd. Freestyle)

Jude Blumhardt - Jaden Feldman Ryan Park - Ashton Feldman (200 Yd. Freestyle Relay)

Noah Ferker - Ryan Park Jude Blumhardt- Greg Landis (400 Yd. Freestyle Relay)

Tom Mavroudis (132 lb. Wrestling)

Freedom Division Second Team All League

Grace Dudek : (100 Yd. Backstroke)

Yuval Levi : 1M Diving

Greg Landis : (200 Yard IM) & (100 Yd. Butterfly)

Ryan Park : (500 Yd. Freestyle)

Jude Blumhardt : (100 Yd. Backstroke)

Josh Ferker : (100 Yd. Breaststroke)

Jack Doneker : Boys Basketball

Jess Dugo : Girls Basketball

Adrian Kebuz : (126 lb. Wrestling)

Freedom Division Honorable Mention

Grace Dudek - Sue Bin Park Emma Volokhonsky - Isabella GioiaSwim - (200 Yd. Medley Relay)

Emily Vaidyan : (50 Yd. Freestyle)

Sam Becker - Isabella Gioia Melanie Hwan - Emily Vaidyan (200 Yd. Freestyle Relay)

Noah Ferker - Josh Ferker Greg Landis - Jaden Feldman (200 Yd. Medley Relay)

Aidan Meehan (100 Yd. Breaststroke)

Tori Finnegan Girls Basketball

Liz Neeld Girls Basketball

Brian Hegedus (215lb Wrestling)

Sr. Paige Malpezzi - SOL Univest Athlete of the Week

Winter Activities Update

Literary Magazine

Check out the virtual literary magazine website. The students have done a phenomenal job despite the challenging environment this school year.

Students Against Melanoma

The LMHS Students Against Melanoma Club has been busy making change over the winter months and helping others. Student advocates entered into a National Public Service Announcement Contest on Skin Cancer Awareness in December. Pictured are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners from our club!

Starting in January, students supported a melanoma survivor’s small business by selling jewelry to local community members, LMTSD faculty and staff in which 10% of our proceeds and a portion of the business owner’s proceeds would be donated back to Melanoma research. We are very proud to report that we were able to donate $200.00 from our fundraiser with the help of everyone’s support to Melanoma research.

SAM adviser Mrs. Colleen Quinn-Maxwell and the SAM Club students continue into March with their mission of being the first sun safe school in Pennsylvania keeping the Faculty and Staff of LMTSD sun safe with each member of the district receiving a sunscreen sample for a kickoff to the spring season.

Students are looking forward to entering into the Melanoma Monday National Art contest and having a guest speaker via google meet share a personal story with them of why sun safety is so important this spring.

LMHS Drama - Working

Working: The Musical

Novelist Studs Terkel, interviewed Americans from all walks of life about what they did for a living and how they felt about it. Thus, “Working” the musical is a collage of personal monologues, both spoken and sung, in which characters come briefly, but vividly to life. Songwriting contributors include James Taylor, and Lin Manuel Miranda in this spirited show about the hopes and dreams of everyday people. The show is a testament to the hopes, dignity, and sense of purpose shared by each one of us.

The film will be released May 13th, and will remain open until May 15th. The viewing is “pay per view” more information will be released as the event is closer on the Drama Club website.

LMHS Drama Club Website

For more information go to the LMHS Drama Club Website.

Debate Club

The Lower Moreland High School debate team wrapped up the regular season debate schedule in late February with three competitors qualifying for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Debate League Finals. Sophomore Dan Porotov and Junior Michelle Marti competed in the Congressional Debate Final, while Junior Sarah Brodsky competed in the Extemporaneous Speech Final. All three of the LMHS finalists were competitive in the final rounds against the most talented debaters and speakers in the league.

All of the Lower Moreland debaters showed tremendous focus and flexibility this year. The virtual environment for Debate meetings and competitions presented many challenges and barriers for team collaboration and performance, but the young debaters were fluid in their approach and persisted in practicing and competing throughout a year filled with format changes and unexpected technological issues.

The LMHS debate learned and grew a good deal during the unorthodox 2020-21 seasons, and we are hoping to carry that momentum over to next year’s regular season!

Winter Athletics Recap

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball team had a few changes for the 2020-2021 season. With a lot of returning players to the roster, they needed to fill the void left by BAL League MVP John Przybylinski. The team, like the rest of our teams has moved to the Suburban One League, which sets up games versus new opponents. Finally, the boys also bumped up to the 5A classification this year.

The boys were able to play 11 games this winter and finished the year 4-7. The team finished in 4th place within the SOL Freedom Division and 12th place in the District I 5A rankings.

The team had many bright spots throughout the year, led by Sr. Jack Doneker, who earned 2nd Team All League Honors. Freshman John Kroll took the helm as the primary point guard this year and did a great job of adjusting to varsity high school basketball. Gabe Krutsinger was a huge asset on the defensive side of the ball, often drawing the opponents best players and doing a great job.

Coach Baron was very happy with the growth of the players this season. "After being shutdown multple times and starting behind most other teams, we were playing our best ball at the end of the year." He would also like to thank his 7 seniors for all of their contributions to the boys basketball program throughout their time here at Lower Moreland. Those seniors were Jared Shein, Andrew Ung, Roy Shimon, Eyal Khaikin, Joey Morozin, Justin Sandler, & Jack Doneker.


Our cheer did a great job of supporting our boys basketball team throughout the winter season this past season. The team was not able to compete in a competition this winter season for a few different reasons, but their support for the boys never wavered. We would like to wish seniors Jess Middleman, Gia Vona, & Frankie Calderon best of luck beyond their time here at Lower Moreland!

Girls Basketball

The girls basketball team also had a few pieces to replace from last years team. First was replacing the offensive production from two time reigning BAL MVP Ceili Courduff. Also Coach Becker needed to replace returning guard Phoebe Lynch, who was sidelined with a season ending injury, leaving the team with zero seniors for the season.

The girls were able to play 12 games this winter season and finished the year 5-,7, finished tied for 3rd in the league standings and finished 5th in the final District I 4A rankings.

The team with many fresh faces was led by Junior Jess Dugo, who opened the season with a 33 point performance vs. Springfield. Other strong contributors to the team this season were returners Liz Neeld, Tori Finnegan, Ofek Gur, & Jess Shein. There were also some positive lights from newcomers to the roster. Freshman Ameila Brown and Zoe Alden contributed a lot of minutes as freshman on the varsity team.

With zero seniors this year, the team will return everyone as they look to compete for a playoff berth once again.

Indoor Track

The Indoor Track for both boys and girls had a lot of promise when the season began. The Suburban One League created a weekly polar bear meet schedule, where our athletes would compete in the indoor events at an outdoor track. However, as the end of January approached a massive snowstorm and cold temperatures caused outdoor tracks all around the region to be covered for most of the entire season, which put a halt to the SOL schedule.

The good news is the team got to compete before the snow hit at the Holy Ghost Prep Invitational. Glen Mills School began hosting weekly meets for both the boys and the girls in which our athletes were able to compete. Finally, on March 6th we were able to host our own invitational here at Lower Moreland.

Overall, it was a successful season as our kids did get the opportunity to compete a few times and race against kids from other schools in preparation for the spring season.


Tom Hellenbrand continued his fantastic senior season with another stellar track season. During the fall Tom won the SOL Division XC Championship and continued to excel in the distance events. At the final indoor meet of the season Tom won his mile race at Glen Mills. Sophomore Jack Becker also continued to improve with his times throughout the winter and also had multiple top five finishes throughout the winter season.

Shejin Shaju, Aidan Kasner, Barton Cooper, Ethan Jarosiewicz, & Shane Playford also all had major contributions throughout the indoor season and Coach Green is very excited with the progress the team made in this oddity of a season.


The girls squad also had some successful races throughout the year. Senior Amy Zesinger, Freshman Amelia Ogawa & Sophomore Siri Hellenbrand had very successful indoor seasons in a vareity of events. In the last event at Glen Mills Ogawa finished 3rd in the mile, Hellenbrand 5th. Amy Zesinger returned to the team this year and continued to bring a great work ethic and attitude to practice daily.

Junior Jade McCool continued to fine tune her craft with the field events throughout the winter and looks to improve throughout the spring season. Other athletes who had successful indoor seasons were Leena Saidi, Lojen Abdallah, Lizzy Allen, Nina Dudek, & Melina Papanikolaou. With the increased numbers on the girls roster, the team looks continue its rise as a strong contender in all three seasons of XCT&F in the future.

Boys Swimming

The Boys Swim team transitioned for the first time into a league this season. The boys as members of the Freedom Division went undefeated in the regular season with a 4-0 record. Although the boys did not have a large quantity of swimmers this winter, the ones they had were very good. Senior Noah Ferker was a stalwart for the team this year, and has been a great leader for the program in his last season. Ferker will be continuing his swimming career at Monmouth University next year.

A host of other swimmers have been instrumental in the success of the team this year. Some of those include all league selections: Greg Landis, Jude Blumhardt, Bumyeol Park, Ashton Feldman, Aidan Meehan, & Josh Ferker.

The boys won the SOL Freedom Division championship in their first season. The boys then prepared for the District I Championships. The boys team won their 7th consecutive District Championship with an impressive performance as a whole. The following boys won their events at districts and qualified for states.

200 Medley Relay: (Jude Blumhardt - Josh Ferker - Greg Landis - Jaden Feldman )

200 Individual Medley: Greg Landis

200 Freestyle : Noah Ferker

400 Freestyle Relay ( Noah Ferker - Greg Landis - Bumyeol Park - Jude Blumhardt )

The boys sent five swimmers to states. Senior Noah Ferker was the state runner up in the 200 Freestyle event. Ferker was also part of the 400 Freestyle Relay team that captured the 2021 PIAA State Championship. Along with Ferker in the relay were seniors Greg Landis & Jaden Feldman, along with sophomore Jude Blumhardt.

The following relay also set a new school record this year.

200 Free Relay- Jude Blumhardt, Greg Landis, Noah Ferker, Jaden Feldman 1:26.82 (2021)

Girls Swimming and Diving

The girls swim and dive team also transitioned into a new league this year for the first time. The girls had an impressive regular season finishing 3-1, with their lone loss coming to a very talented Springfield team.

The girls were led by a handful of swimmers, including Sam Becker. She set the school record in the 200 Freestyle, and she will also be continuing her swimming career at Lafayette College next year. The other three senior swimmers Grace Dudek, Emily Vaidyan, Emma Volokhonsky all had a great impact on the swim program in their time at Lower Moreland. They have helped the program continue to grow and it their commitment has been extremely evident.

Becker as well as freshmen Sue Bin Park & Talia Wiggins won SOL Freedom Division championships at the all league meet. Becker in the 200 and 500 Freestyle, while Wiggins won 50 Freestyle and Park won the 100 Breaststroke.

At the District I meet, the girls finished in 2nd place, improving from 7th last year. A tremendous improvement that they will look to build on next year. Becker Dudek, Park & Wiggins set the new school record in the 200 Medley Relay at Districts this year as well. The following swimmers won their races at Districts and qualified for states.

Sue Bin Park -- 200 Individual Medley

Sam Becker -- 500 Freestyle

Sue Bin Park -- 100 Breaststroke

The following were new school records this year.

200 Medley Relay- Dudek, Park, Becker, Wiggins 1:55.44 (2021)

200 Free- Sam Becker 2:00.88 (2021)

500 Free- Sam Becker 5:13.78 (2021)


Senior Yuval Levi capped on an incredible diving career here at Lower Moreland. She qualified for districts in each of her seasons here at Lower Moreland. She finished as the runner up in the District I Diving Championships in 2021 and 2019. She was the District I Champion in 2020. Yuval was also an Academic All American in 2021.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the limitations of state qualifiers, her runner up finish this year didn't allow her to qualify as she normally would have. Overall it was a tremendous career for Yuval and we wish her well as she continues in her years beyond Lower Moreland.


The sport that had the most question marks coming into the season was wrestling. Due to COVID-19, three of the five schools within the SOL Freedom Division cancelled wrestling for the season. This caused the Lions and Upper Moreland to join with the Liberty Division for the season.

There is a tremendous amount of credit that needs to go out to the coaches and teams as they got through the year with zero pauses or shutdowns, in as I mentioned earlier, one of the most concerning sports entering the year.

The team only had 16 wrestlers come out for the team this year, but they showed up each day to practice with a willingness to follow protocols and stay safe.

Although the team finished with 0-8 record overall, there were some bright spots throughout the season.

Jr. Tom Mavroudis earned First Team All SOL Freedom/Liberty by winning first place at the league championship meet at Quakertown High. Sr. Adrian Kebuz capped his wonderful career at Lower Moreland by earning Second Team All League and also qualified for the District I 3A tournament this year. Finally Jr. Brian Hegedus also earned Honorable Mention All League. Tomas Lapeika, Sean Maloney, Alex Kebuz, & Nick Simon also earned victories throughout the season versus high level competition.

Coach Spoerl would like to thank Jackson Leska, Adrian Kebuz, Julian Ogawa, & Frankie Calderon for their contributions to the wrestling program throughout their time here at Lower Moreland.

Big picture

Murray Avenue Athletics

Girls Basketball

The Murray Avenue School girls basketball team got off to a late start this season but the team finally got on the court in January. The 8th grade team battled a couple of strong teams vs. Abington and Upper Moreland, but played very competitively against Cedarbrook and Sandy Run winning by 2 points and 5 points respectively. Brianna McFerran was the team's leading scorer with an average of 11.7 points per game and a season high of 20 points in the win vs. Cedarbrook. Ashely Avington and Kenna Rozanski and played consistently strong defense throughout the season.

The 7th grade team also battled a strong team vs. Abington, but they were victorious over Upper Moreland and added another win over Cedarbrook. Emma DiJoseph, Edona Selamaj, and Mady Rositer played all-around consistent basketball throughout the entire season.

Boys Basketball

The Boys team got off to a rocky start to the season as they suffered a minor pause after just a few days of practice. This really limited their ability to gel together as a unit in an already shortened season. The boys came back though and played together and played hard game in and game out.

The boys team finished the year winless, however did have a few come down to the last minute. In the opening game, the Lions fell to Cedarbrook by 3 points. They also competed valiantly against Upper Moreland in both games, but fell just short. Andre Zoubroulis led the 8th grade team on offense in this abbreviated season. They also got valuable contributions from Dan McCreesh, & Jameer Zachary. Jameer did a great job as the primary ball handler and Dan used his athleticism to find a role wherever needed on the court.

The 7th grade team finished the year with 2 wins. The team has a lot of height and athleticism on their roster. Max Moshinski was the teams leading scorer throughout the season. Stokes Tate did a phenomenal job rebounding, setting screens, and scoring for the team. Nathan Fellah also added consistent play throughout the short season.

Spring Athletics

Spring sports are underway here at Lower Moreland High School. Our baseball, lacrosse, and softball teams have all had one scrimmage. Our Boys Tennis team is off to a 3-0 start, and our track team will face Upper Moreland right after spring break.

Lower Moreland has also expanded its sports programming this year and has added Unified Track & Field. We currently have 11 athletes registered for the team and they will begin meets in mid April. We are really looking forward to this new opportunity that will help provide more opportunities for our students at Lower Moreland.

Middle School Dates:

Baseball & Softball will start on Tuesday April 6th. The first week of practices will be Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Track & Field will begin on Thursday April 8th and also practice on Friday that week.

For up to date schedules, please see the calendar link.