Two black inventors

lewis latimer

lewis howard latimer was an inventor and a draftsman best known for his contribution to the patenting of the light bulb and the phone.lewis was born in chelsea massachusetts on sept 4th 1848 to parents who hal fled slavery.he died in flushing queens new york on dec 11th 1928.over the course of his career as a draftsman latimer wor5ked closely with thomas edison and alexander graham bell...latimer was one of the first major african american inventors responsible for such items as the first water closet or toilet for rail road cars in an accomplished draftsman he first worked as an assitant to alexander grahm bell who hired him to draw the plans for his tellephone invention.

george washington carver

george was a prominent african american scientist and was born into slavery in dimond missouri around 1864.he died in1943.carver devise over 100 products using one crop-the peanut-including dyes plastics and was born during the civil warin 1864 carver used his savings to create a museum of his achivments
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