The Compost Bin

By: Brandon Lopez

What is composting?

Composting is the decomposition of organic material. Insects, fungi & bacteria work together to break it down. And the end result if a dark nutrient rich soil that acts as a fertilizer.

Why should you get a compost bin?

Compost bins greatly reduce waste in the environment. It also aids in not sending as much waste to a landfill where it just causes pollution, and using up land.

What should I put in my compost bin?

Browns and greens are stuff you should put. An example of greens would be your leaves, vegetable peelings etc. The greens rot quickly and provide Nitrogen and Moisture, while the Browns contain carbon.

Positive & Negative effects on the enviornment

Positive effects

Composting can reduce the emmision of methane gas. It also serves a natural fertilizer. And is great for reducing waste in the enviornment.

Negative effects

If the compost bin is not properly aerated, colonies of bacteria flourish and produce a lot of methane gas. Also pests are known to eat and attack the actual compost bin, like raccons, cats, and termites.