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Why parkour

In this article we will be discussing how parkour is not only test your physical strength but your mental strength aswell. Parkour is also extremely fun and free, when I say free I mean you can do just about anything, you can go to your limit then go further you can take parkour and use it for your daly life aswell.

Parkour is a great skill set

I think parkour is fun and exciting. Parkour and free-running is an extremely useful skill to have.So I would advise you to try and learn it in the text it says "Parkour gives you the skills and physical conditioning to do that.


Parkour is a good workout. In the article, it explains that there is a lot of physical strength in parkour but also there is more mental strength in parkour than any other sport. So if you want to get physically and mentally stronger,then try parkour.


The feeling of parkour

Parkour is such a fun sport and afterwards you feel great. It says in the article"Nevertheless, the β€œprocess” of learning your skills and adapting your body will be full of small gifts of adrenaline and satisfaction. The day you complete your first back flip will be a day you will never forget. As you overcome So, if you want the great feeling of an adrenalin rush, then parkour is for you. The physical boundaries forced upon you by laws of nature, and your boundaries."

So try it!

Parkour is a really amusing and fun sport to do, I mean it dose help you mentally and physically so I would advise you to at least try it and if you don't like it then do something else. But just to worn you it is highly addictive. I find it fun and helps you clear your mind when stressed so go out try it and have fun.