Hadiyyah Abdul-K. 2/15/14 4A

What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a blue gemstone almost invariably veined with white streaks or markings. Its ideal color is an intense blue and it comes in all shades of blue, from light to deep royal to grayish-blue. Other names for this gemstones are Alomite, Bluestone, Canadian lopis and Chemeleon Sodalite. The chemical formula is Na8 (Al6 Si6 O24) Cl2.

General Discription of Sodalite...

As said in the first text, Sodalite may be seen in many shades of blue. It is a minor gemstone and usually made into beads, for necklaces and bracelets. When used individually, it is usually large in size and has a bold color. Sodalite is also used for ornamental carvings, such as animal carvings, and small statues.  

Is it common or rare?

Sodalite is not a popular gemstone, and suitable material only comes from a handful of locations. Despite this, Sodalite is a fairly inexpensive and obtainable gemstone. Itis very similar, however, to the more prominent Lapis Lazuli, and may be used as a substitute for that more valuable gemstone.
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