We all miss being with all of the kids! However, we are excited to start school again even though it will be in a different format. Teachers have been working around the clock for two weeks to ensure students will have access to a quality education regardless of the setting. We are all excited to utilize many new tools!

We are here throughout the entire process. Please reach out to your child's teacher through Remind or e-mail. Teachers will be available during our normal school hours (Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm).

Things you can do to help your child with this process:

1. Create a schedule. Make sure to include time for breaks and movement.

2. Find a place dedicated to learning with limited distractions.

3. Help your child get started with Google Classroom and make sure they have joined all of the classes assigned to them.

4. Start each day by going over what needs to be done by the end of the day.

5. End each day by checking to see that the required pieces were completed.

6. Have your child read as much as possible every day.

7. Sign-up with your child's teacher to receive Parent Summaries from Google Classroom. These will help you stay informed of what they need to complete.

8. Monitor internet usage.

9. Communicate regularly with your child's teacher.

10. Find a safe place for your child's device and charger and also make sure it is charging overnight so it is ready for the next day.

Below are a couple of helpful videos to watch as you get started with our new distance learning plan.


All elementary classes are using Google Classroom. Your child will have multiple classes within Google Classroom. In addition to their general education class, they will have classes for art, music, P.E. STEM, Counseling, and "Tiger Way." There is also a class for Del Norte Elementary School.

When they first sign in to Google and get to Classroom, it is important to make sure they have clicked JOIN for all of their classes.

After they join the classes, they will be able to see what each teacher has for them. There will be lessons and assignments. Assignments will need to be turned in and will be graded just like in class.

Below is a short video explaining several of the features of Google Classroom.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020


Google Calendar is a great tool to keep track of assignments that are due. The notifications and e-mails can get a bit overwhelming. Google Calendar will help students see everything they need to do for multiple classes and you can organize it by day, week, or month.

Each student will be able to see all of the assignments they have for each day. If you click on the assignment in Calendar, you will be taken to the assignment in that specific Google Classroom.

Below is a video about using Google Calendar with Google Classroom.

Organize Assignments with Google Calendar


Teachers will use Zoom as a tool to have video conferences with students. They will teach lessons and be able to work with students in groups and individually with Zoom. A Zoom app has been installed on student iPads. Teachers will send invites through Google Classroom for Zoom meetings.