Space Engineering

The job that's out of this world!

Could you be part of the team shaping our future?

For the first time in history apprentices are being invited to take one giant leap for mankind and sign up for elite space engineering training.

The first degree-level apprenticeship in the field is being launched by Skills Minister Matthew Hancock at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

The programme aims to encourage more scientists and engineers into the UK's space industry, expected to be worth £30bn in the next two decades.

Below is three of the amazing recent discoveries made by NASA thanks to technology courtesy of the engineers who work within the agency.

The Video below shows the story of the hubble telescope which is one of the biggest advancements in space engineering history and is responsible for capturing high resoultion images that have given our engineers and scientists clear understandings of what is really out there.
The story of the Hubble Space Telescope and where we go ...