New France

the fall of new france

seven year war

what is it

the seven year war is how the french was trying to gain more power in order to demolish the Europeans. so what the french did was they wanted an easy target so they tried to do war with the Spanish. the french thought it was going to be easy but other countries including the Europeans helped the Spanish. at the end the french was about to lose a lot of things including new France so the french made a treaty with the Europeans to keep some land.

the outcome of the seven year war

for the French losing control of New France, the French started the seven year war. what had happened was they were going to attack the Spanish because they were weak. but what occurred was the other countries started to help the Spanish. so the Europeans came and New France fell and a lot of the land was then given to the Europeans with the French making the treaty. at the final end New France became Canada to this present day


the French ownership of Acadia

New France was first discovered by the natives but the first "owners" were the French. The French first found Acadia and discovered rest of Canada after they settled in because Acadia is on an island. What happened after settling with the natives and finding out that below Acadia there were Europeans in America and what happened was the French gave Acadia to the Europeans and so it resulted to the Europeans getting land together and that made the French more vulnerable. The reason why the French gave up Acadia was because they were about to lose the war with the Spanish because the other countries came to help Spanish like the Europeans, so In order for the French to Be in New France they had to give up Acadia which lead to only be living in Quebec and other places around new France.

the europeans ownership of Acadia

After what had happened was since the Europeans had land next to Acadia it grew the territory which made it more stronger. another thing that had happened was that they had changed the name of Acadia to Nova Scotia. so what happened every time the enemies would try to go threw the territory there was a higher chance of being shot at because what happened was the Europeans were the closest to land so they did not have any trouble going to land because of land in the way. but for the French they had enemy land interfering with them.

Acadias treaty

in order for the French not to lose to much land they had to make a treaty with the Europeans because if they did not do the treaty they would have lost all of New France. what the French did was they had to give up Acadia in order not to lose hard. so what then happened was they made the French leave Acadia so that the Europeans can come in. but what also had happened was that if you were an Arcadian you had to do an oath to your new ruler. before it was your choice if you wanted to do the oath but after they made no other option.


new France end

at the end the french lost a lot of land and money for new France. the winners of the war were the British/ the English gaining the land from the french. with the french mostly known for being in Quebec. finally because the English own more land then the french they own the country making English the first language and french the second main language in Canada.