Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author Scott ODell Project By: Azalea Lazaro

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Story Plot

Exposition: The characters are Karana,Rontu,Rontu-Aru,Tutok, and ,Ramo.The settings are the coast of California there's a island called Island of the Blue Dolphins known as Island of San Nicolas, inside of Island of the Blue Dolphins,the village of Ghala-at,Coral Cove,Spring and the Cave..

Text Evidence: {Settings Evidence}You can find it in chapter 1 and the summary of the book.

Rising Action: Karana´s father gets killed by the Aleuts.When the Aleuts dirin´t give the otter it began the fight.Karana wants to find her little brother Ramo in the ship,but it was on the island to get his fishing spear.Karana is telling the leader to turn around the ship to get Ramo,but they said another ship will come for him.Karana had 2 ways 1 was another ship to come or to jump.She chose to jump .She chose to jump out the boat.When Karana and Ramo are alone in island. Ramo gets killed by wild dogs. She wants to killed all the wild dogs that killed her little brother Ramo. Karana will needs to survive in the island.

Text Evidence:{When Karana jumps out of the boat}You can find it on page 39 chapter 7 if you want to find when they leave Ramo on the island.

Climax: When Karana kills some of the wild dogs ,but adopts the leader of the pack of wild dogs and called him Rontu wich means Fox Eyes.

Text Evidence: You can find it in page 91 to 98 and chapter 15.

Falling Action: Karana is making a house is really hard to make a house alone. Karana is trying to make a canoe to search the boat that took her people away for many years.When she tested the canoe in the water it broke in two pieces . Karana is trying how to catch a devilfis{squid}.She misses alot of times,but she leaves it alone. Karana is trying to figure out how she will be inside of the cave when Aleuts came to the island.When she finds out that someone is spying her and she see is a girl. Karana makes a friend with the girl and her name is Tutok. When they became friends Karana made her a dress. The next day Karana made some dinner for her,Rantu,and Tutok never came back. When she goes to the beach she see that Tutok left in the morning. In spring Rontu dies. Karana went to a walk and finds a wild dog that look like Rontu.She wants alot that wild dog.She makes a drink that the Ghala-at{wild tobaco}.Karana puts the drink in the lake then she hides.When she saw the wild dogs they drink and they slept.When Karana see the wild dog she wants.She takes the wild dog and calls him Rontu-Aru.

Text Evidence: {Karana adopts Rontu-Aru} In page 164 chapter 26.

Resolution: When Captain Nidever rescue Karana and her dog Rontu-Aru 18 years alone in the Island of the Blue Dolphins.Captain Nedevir takes Karana and Rontu-Aru to Santa Babara Mission.She was able to talk to Father Gonzales what happen to her people in 18 years.The ship sunk in a storm is why they did not rescue Karana for 18 years

Text Evidence: {When they rescue Karana}In page 181 chapter 29.


What is it?

In Island of the Blue Dolphins The main character is Karana. The book Island of the Blue Dolphins is man vs. nature because Karana needs to survive in the island for 18 years.

4 Facts of the Time Period

  • Karana did really jump of the boat.
  • Her brother got killed by wild dogs.
  • She was found 18 years wearing a skirt of cormorant feathers.
  • Living in a house in the headland with her dog Ramo.

Historical Setting

{Coral Cove} Is a canyon around the beach where Karana and Ramo got roots for there village.


The theme of the book is forgiveness,trust,lonley, and survivalist.


The protangonist is Karana because she is the main character and she is nice to nature.