Ecological Terms

Natalie Teran and Andrew Morris


A plant represents biotic because it is a living aspect of the environment.


The sun is abiotic because it is a nonliving aspect of the environment.


Plants are autotrophs because they are able to make their own food.


Humans are heterotrophs because they consume other organisms and are omnivores.

Predator and Prey Relationship

Senior vs. freshman

The senior is a representation of a predator and the freshman as the prey because the prey is younger and more vulnerable.

Mutualism, Commensalism, Parasitism

Mutualism-both benefit

Commensalism-one benefits one neutral

Parasitism-one benefits one does not

Food chain

Carbon cycle

Ways carbon enters atmosphere:
  • Respiration from plants and animals
  • Decay and recycle of plant and animal matter
  • Burning of biofuels and fossil fuels
  • Production of cement-carbon is released when limestone is heated
Ways carbon leaves the atmosphere:

  • Photosynthesis-plants use the CO2